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Artist: Juicy J f/ Trey Songz, Wale
Album:  Bounce It (S)
Song:   Bounce It
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[Intro: Juicy J]
Yeah... Yeah... 
We gon' stay trippy for life, mayne
Yeah... I'm 'bout to take yo' girl (bounce it)
Check it

[Chorus: Trey Songz] (Juicy J)
Bounce it (bounce it), bounce it (bounce it)
I'm about to throw a couple thousand (bounce it)
Bounce it (bounce it), bounce it (bounce it)
I'm about to throw a couple thousand
(Ones, fives, tens, twenties)
(Work your way up to them big face hundreds - just bounce it)
Bounce it (bounce it), bounce it (yessir!)
I'm about to throw a couple thousand

[Juicy J]
I love the way she slow dance, she make me throw mo' bands
Grabbin ass with both hands, she in love with the dope man
She wanna be my main chick, I was thinkin different (different)
Clap that ass, light our blunt, baby let's get ig'nant (ig'nant)
She's strips for the Gs, break cash lightly 
She got double Ds', and ain't shit free
Came with my goons but I'm leavin with a diva 
with an ass like Serena and a face like Aaliyah
Redbone in some red bottoms, she ain't finished college, she a head doctor
Bouncin ass while I'm gettin high as propellers on a helicopter
Let's do it again ('gain), me, you, and your friend (friend)
We don't even need a room, gimme head off in my Benz (in my Benz~!)
Where my double cup (cup), time to po' it up (up)
Got a bitch so bad, you cainít afford to fuck - bounce it!


Wale though, le'go...
Hands is on her you-know-what, cause +Bandz A Make Her+ you-know-what
And I can make a girl break fast, my pants be on that too much lust
And I'm 'bout whatever baby, take a photo, I'm lookin good
And these breezies is so beneath you, understand you're misunderstood
Premium leather goods, we pay whatever for it
Over these pussy niggaz, only under influenced
Throw a buck up then I back out like that
Roll a pack out, took a light hit, might nap
Got a thick bitch with a trip stick I'ma smack 
and a bucket but we nothing but pack
Bald-headed scallywaaaag (real niggaz salute me)
Catch me at that Memphis gaaaame (seats saved by Rudy!)
Or Mark Gasol, or Selby dude, that's plenty dough
That's Juicy J, Folarin, got it then get me those


[Juicy J]
Turn up...
Juicy be trippy and paid up like Diddy 
Toss up that cash and she show me her kitty
Got some white girl, and a white girl 
Doin Montana line off of her titty
Ain't tryna fuck, I just found a replacement
Feelin so global, I think I need agent
Ratchet on deck and they know I'm gon' stunt
I'm tryna get head while smokin a blunt
Take her to my hotel, beat the pussy up 
I don't know her name, but I wanna fuck
Along came molly, then came doobie
then codeine in a styrofoam cup
See me in the club, bands pop, they poppin 
Do it real good, might take you shoppin
All these racks can't fit in my pocket
Keep that sack, hundred K in the stocking
Then itís back to my room, she come out her dress (out her dress)
+Slob on My Knob+, think you know the rest
I don't buy these broads Nike, but I keep these girls in check
Workin for that money, bitch, you gon' have to break a sweat
Bounce it!


[Outro: Trey Songz]
...I'm about to throw a couple thousand {*fades*}