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Artist: Juicy J f/ Frayser Boy, La Chat
Album:  Juicy J: Chronicles of the Juice Man
Song:   Gimme Head
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Chorus (8x): Gimme head till I'm dead, gimme head, gimme head

(Juicy J)
There's a freak in north Memphis that rollin' & smokin' goodie
She toss a 380, I hate it because she hoodie
Her wreckin' be a dog, a hog, or just a bully
It's cool if she be down to clown, cause she'll pull it
Don't underestimate her face, she ain't a rookie
And when she get in deep and deep, the hoe be trippin'
A gangsta type bitch that make ya say (oowwee!)
She lick my balls, ba-ba balls, I banged and freaked her pussy

(Frayser Boy)
Now I'm drankin' on this cortisone that's gots me feelin' frisky
Lookin' fo a freaky hoe to suck up on my dicky
Needs a pro, and not an amateur so I come licky
Number one drop flick and sucks the dick to end this quickly
Sucks me dumb, and gots me sprung, and leaves it wit a hickey
If you gots the bitch then I don't know he's coming? fit me (frayser boy)
If you lookin' fo the hoe, don't bother cause she's wit me
The bitch was born to use her tongue, he nigga's name was Vicky

Chorus (8x)

(La Chat)
A head huntin' bitch that's on a mission, lookin' for the head
For that pussy suckin' motherfucker slobbin' in my legs (wassuuuppp!)
Cause we buck, now know we ain't gon fuck
You gon put your face in face and work yo tongue until I nut
Bitch nigga, yeah you love it when I treat you like a hoe
Man these niggas claimin' pimpin' is these niggas that'll go
First time? Boy whatever, so you listed a beginner
You fo sho to be a pro cause I'ma feed you lunch and dinner
Break yo knees, keep it real, c'mon do that thang you do
All you niggas eatin' pussy Chat got notin' but love fo you
Don't be shame you a man, you supposed to please a bitch
If you want it drippin' wet you gotta lick it fo you hit
Camera ready in the closet, lights, camera, action
I'ma show my girls for promotion on ya cappin'
Man you out the frame, man you lickin' in the right spot
You gon be my man, fuck that shit I'm puttin' yo cap on lock

Chorus (8x)