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Artist: Juelz Santana
Album:  What the Game's Been Missing!
Song:   Lil' Boy Fresh
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Yeah le-leave the hissin in there, d-don't take the hissin out
We gonna keep this one all the way gangsta
I mean, you motherfuckers don't realize
How real this shit is man
I mean, people always gonna try and get over on you
But protect what's yours, protect your family
Protect what's right (You hear me)

This story starts off
Little boy black in the ghetto
No matter what he does it's back to the ghetto (ghetto)
No choice but to adapt to the ghetto, so he adapts to the ghetto
Yes, the crack in the meadow
He takes no days off for gettin his cocaine off (off)
He ran back and fought so much it pissed Jose off (Psssss)
Now Jose was the cocaine boss (boss)
Straight from Columbia, his cocaine soft (soft)
But Jose was out fuckin his sister
Hittin shorty off cuz he had love for his sister (Take that, Take that)
And shorty had no love for his sister
Cuz his sister would sniff up everything Jose gives her
But shorty had a plan for 'em both
Plus he was good at handlin coke, so Jose liked him
Problem was, he was pitchin for the dudes down the street (Who?)
You know, TJ, Big Boo and Malik (Word)
Malik is a killer, Boo is a killer (Yep)
TJ, well he's just another nigga
But, despite the fact (what), they didn't like the fact
That he was close to Jose and he might just rat
And being that, he was a pitcher here in the winter air (What happened)
They set it up to get him there and hit him there (Damn)
But shorty was smart
So before they got to, load and spark
He said, hold up, my heart (Hold up hold up) Please
Then he said, please, look up in my bag (Look)
There's cook up in my bag, it's all good up in my bag (Here)
And there's more where that came from
I get it from Jose, believe me, there's more where that came from
Yeah, he had 'em lost and the game won (won)
They let him go, yeah, thinkin he would let 'em know (What)
Where Jose was keepin that heavy coke
But instead he told Jose bout that (Bout that)
And we all know Jose bout that (Bout that)
Next thing you know he seen Jose slouch back (What)
In the chair, like "There's no way out that" (Nope)
He said "Shoot em, I'ma blow they house back" (Back)
Next day he sent the two way out town (And..)
And somebody blew they house down (Damn)
Jose think shorty on his side
But he don't know shorty on his side (Word?)
So shorty called Jose, like "Listen (Listen)
It's going down I need more cocaine" (Bring it)
So we met up (Met up), it was a set up
Guess who, TJ, Malik, and Boo sped up (Wow)
You should've seen the look on Jose's face
You never seen the look on old man's face (Nope)
Told him no man's great
And it's no man's place, to fuck wit no man's fam
Then he said "Where's my sister 'fore I kill you"
The End

The story's over man (It's over man)
They all kinda end like that sometime too (Ya dig)
Ya see, I told the story cuz man, I kinda feel like
Every hood, everybody
Everybody got a Lil Boy Fresh around them somewhere
Whether it's right next door, across the hall
Up the block, down the block, around the corner
Huh, I mean ya see
Ya see we all see the same shit, Just through
different eyes
You surprised? Don't be man
It's just real shit
Holla at cha'boy