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Artist: Juelz Santana
Album:  What the Game's Been Missing!
Song:   Daddy
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Daddy, Damn man this shit is crazy
got a lil son now, a lil me
runnin around this is crazy
ill do anything man anything
life is precious remember that
(and if I die then my child will be a bastard)

[Verse 1]
I just had a new born
shorty weigh 7 pounds 6 ouches 20 inches to strong
I'm happy now
I'm a daddy now
I gotta be there I ain't get to see my daddy round
we ain't never get to ball out kid
I was young the game caught him before I did
but, back to you son, as for you son
I do any and everythin that's the truth son
from the dirtiest diaper till you get old enough to dirty your Nikes up
I'm your clean up man if you ever need a hand, need a foot, need a heart
need a lung
reach for the phone, call me up son
yes everything drops for you, everything stops for you
I burry a block for you, I let go every shot for you
and I reload the clip just to make sure he's hit

I got a lil boy to look after (3X)
and if I die my child will be a bastard
I got a lil boy to look after (3X)
and if I die my child will be a bastard

[Verse 2]
everyday I look in ya face
I sit back and I smile, look at his face it's just like mine
wow, damn this kid shines
authority and priority this kid mines
so that means, I have to beat him if I have to
keep him out of bad schools
teach him how to rap smooth
show him the ropes like make sure his ropes tight
no screws loose, no loose screws
got manors, got morals, god sense respect
cause when you gone boy that's all you got left
you ever get craves for candy, don't take a strangers candy
open a stranger's candy, those are the strangest candies
I'm ya rider ya gotta push ya provider but most of all ya father and I'm jus
lookin out for you
when there's a problem I'm just lookin out for you
I ain't talkin man I'm just pullin out for you
the four, the sword, the hood will come out for you
and what I'm about to do, you shouldn't go out and do
jus make sure you good to me and good to moms
respect your elders you'll grow to be good and strong


[Verse 3]
I placed you up in the sky
like behold the only thing greater than I
you, my greatest achievement
fuck a platinum plaque
this is history in the making believe in it
without you I can't make or succeed in shit
I can't think, I can't wake up and eat shit
you the reason that I'm breathin
and I'll stop at any moment to see this child live a better life
wow it's a better life but you better throw down if you ever fight
like rocky do
don't be no punk when it's time to get up and put on you boxin shoes
you lace 'em up tight, you fall get up and fight
you lose, o well, we all lose some fights
jus be a man about yours, life is all about handlin yours, so you just keep
handlin yours

[Chorus to end]