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Artist: JR Writer
Album:  Writers Block 4
Song:   What Set You Claim
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I've been doing this consistant, I ain't neva changed
Every studio I visit it was set in flames (FIRE)
If you respect the game, get your money, F the fame
Twist up your your fingers nigga let em know what set you claim, hey
I'm from the back blocks of harlem, where they mack and revolve em
If he ask for a problem, walk up in the building
Clack up and rob em, harlem nigga
The men in black couldn't guard em

[Verse 1]
(hey) I'm in the rover grining wit a couple older women
And all the windows down just so you can know I'm winning
(yea thats me) but if the doja trippin' trust there wont be no avenges(why)
I'll put you all in trunks, like you niggas going swimming (blaat)
Get you off quick, for the slow dough I'm spinnin (what's dat?)
You'll see a row of henchmen(when?)
soon as I throw a lincoln, not to overmention nigga you was cheap
Why if you cripple me, I'd still be on my feet
Lyrically I'm heat, turn these creeps into dirt garbage (basura)
I got that hunger that you had when you first started
Hood to the burbs (suburbs) hardest truly a G (who?)
JR writer that nigga you salute when you see, cause


[Verse 2]
I'm a diplomat OC, yous a midget scrap stop
For this fifth or mack pop, sit you in a black box
Got my fitted cap twisted back, in the lac drop
There's some chick I mack, in the back givin that top
I'm a smooth motherfucker, with killa rap props
The kid is trash not, I am skipping past hot
You ain't spittin crack rock, new airs with the see-through fronts
Chump (why?) so you can see me diplomat socks ha
You ain't heard of who? I skip by in convertibles
At summer jam I was performing for 50,000 thousand, where were you?
Fuck what they said, you forever a biter
And ain't got enough swag to be better then Writer, cause