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Artist: JoJo Pellegrino f/ Busta Rhymes
Album:  Hitman for Hire
Song:   Built Like That
Typed by: Davida.b.

[Intro: Busta Rhymes] + (JoJo Pellegrino)
Excuse me, a couple of y'all need to crawl off to the side
Ad watch how we call these players
We coaches in this sport, Alotta dudes are frontin, (JoJo) ya'll ain't built like that
You ain't manufactured like that (Busta Rhymes, Violator), stop carrying on like that

[Chorus: JoJo Pellegrino] or (Both)
Why you acting like a killer (You ain't built like that)
Trying to play the thug role (You ain't built like that)
Acting like you gun ho (You ain't built like that)
Nicer than Bus & JoJo? (You ain't built like that)
Yeah yeah yeah yeah (you ain't built like that)

[Interlude: Busta Rhymes]
How can we tell these dudes that they are not manufactured like that?

[JoJo Pellegrino]
I put it down like a kickstand, no man can withstand
Darts blown from the Chizz-an to Staten Is-land
JoJo's the mizz-an, you're feeling your ??
We can take it to the cypher pal, I'm dealing with quotes
Serious dope, hit you with a furious dose
I'm the nicest so far, nobody nearly as close
All that thug walk you talk is really a hoax
When you blow it, don't show it, that's my theory with toast
Hahahaha, laughing at your weary apporach
My snese of humor be staying sharp, you claerly a joke
You ain't hold no gun (gun) sold no drugs (drugs)
N.O.R.E. puts it to best, you're homo thugs
Nobody do it like JoJo does
We embarress you, now where's your mojo cuz?
We you rappin on some squeeze that shit?
Keys cats flip, call them fradulent they plead that fifth
Ay, that's 2pac's style, leave that shit
Biting off a dead man, I can't concieve that shit
Show some respect, the dopest to rep
Go for the neck,you ain't built like that, how you posing a threat?
Smoking the wet? You ain't built like that


[Interlude: Busta Rhymes]
Their cars be pulled over to the side like they got smoke coming out and

[Busta Rhymes] + (JoJo Pellegrino)
When we step up in this bitch you know we chop shit down
Immediatly niggas fuck it up and lock shit down
(We hit the club, grab a chick quick, and knock shit down)
And bust a cannon up your street and make your block get down
(Hot glock sit rounds, hit you like the tropic grounds)
Man get your hands up (that bullet's in his armpit now)
The clock's ticked down, you know we in the cockpit now
You Violate I shoot you in your eye ??? now
(This dude fronting like he large in town, like you coppin pounds)
(Shootin videos with constant frowns)
(Pull your money out the game, you need to stop it now)
Call the doctor to figure out your diagnostic now
So disasterous, we flowin catastrophic now
Poisenous and venomous lyrics, we toxic now
(Blow trees, caramel taste that) chocolate brown
We stars up in this bitch roll out the (red carpet now)
(We the hottest motherfuckers on the) market now
We stomp shit like moshpits who wanna (conflict now)
(You know the word on the street we came to) mark it down
Blow the spot up until the police try to (calm shit down)

[Interlude: Busta Rhymes]
JoJo Pellegrino, Busta Rhymes, Violator family alliance


[Interlude: Busta Rhymes]
Yo they whips be fallin apart in the streets

[JoJo Pellegrino]
I shoulda told them life is real to me, can never be a joke
Open a venue with Busta, Hennessey and Coke
We go for broke, money cleaner than a bar of soap
I'm living legit, so when we hit, we come for envelopes
I'm not a criminal, I'm just a rapper displaying the raw
But I know kids thats laying the law
And just as quick as you stand up, you get laid on the floor
We be located physically to where you decay on the floor
DJ told me forget about it, facing the door
Well here's another reason why you should be blazing it for
This is Johnny Boy, he's the guy that's breaking your jaw
Five times a week and ten when my tape's in the store
This is Uncle Frank, please excuse his manners, he's the quiet type
Start a riot type, you know, did you the dryer type
Pellegrino hyper type, Busta sniper type
Yo there's two kinds of rappers in this world, we the nicer type
Yo there's two kinds of rappers in this world, we the nicer type

[Interlude: Busta Rhymes]
Get it through your mutherfucking head, we will penetrate the surface of
your whole shit


[Outro: Busta Rhymes] + (JoJo Pellegrino)
(You see that?) What? (Ok cool)