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Artist: John Cena
Album:  YJ Stinger Commercial (
Song:   YJ Stinger Commercial 3
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[John Cena]
Stinger's the new drink, it's all over the streets, man!
Look for the yellow jacket all over the green can
It'll pump adrenaline like a giant machine, man!
Drink anything else? That's just obscene, man!
Need a pickup in your daily routine, man?
It'll blast like a fire with gasoline, man!
Make sure the simple citrus is up your hand
Ten times the energy of any heavy metal band
Y'all don't know by now, I'm a-smack yo crew
This is YJ Stinger from Stacker 2
This YJ Stinger is the energy king
So, "Catch the buzz and feel the sting!"
That good? Alright, cool....