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Artist: John Cena
Album:  Monday Night Raw (2/21/11)
Song:   The Rock Diss
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[John Cena]
Finally, The Rock came back and everyone was gettin with it
'Til he said I was talkin trash but he would never be specific
It's because I wasn't talkin trash Rock, I was talkin truth
You left us hangin high and dry to play a +Fairy+ with a +Tooth+?
And then you walk into this ring and tell these people that I'm lame, man?
He wore lipstick in "Get Shorty" and rocked a skirt for "The Game Plan"
This Fruity Pebble that you dealin with, I'm not your average jabroni
I'm like a big purple pinwheel Rock, so go ahead and blow me
And you're electrifying, yes! But hang with me, that's just absurd
See now you gotta tell your family you just got schooled by Barney's turd
Oh, no no no, wait wait wait - that's your material, you can have your joke back
Just don't go racin to Witch Mountain, Rock, cause your +Mountain+ is Brokeback
Oh no-no-no-no-no! Wait wait, The Rock's new movie well it's nothin like "Walking Tall"
He spends the movie in a bowling alley polishin my balls
The People's Champ? He's never with the people, Rock your words are see-through
You imitate me every time you leave, for seven years we couldn't see you
And-and is it Rock, or is it Dwayne? Pick a side, c'mon son
If I was you I'd stick with Rock, cause Dwayne ain't got a Johnson
And you'll see me at WrestleMania? Well then I'll make sure not to miss it
But you ain't gon' whip my candy ass dude, I'll make sure you kiss it
You're the WrestleMania host Rock, that's your role, know it
You tell these people that you love 'em, I'm here every week to show it
That's called a first round knockout, and now you know that I'm not playin
Run your mouth all you want dude, it doesn't matter, what you're sayin