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Artist: Joey Trap
Album:  Trap Jack 2 (Mixtape)
Song:   Snakes
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I got a thirty clip
They all be hating
My life is amazing
So y'all talking shit
While I'm working bitch
You know I'm faded
Might decapitate you
My blade is serrated
Might hurt ya bitch
Pull up in a muthafuckin Benz
With the rims on
Tint gone
You can see me rolling with my timbs on
Rollie with the rose gold
No no
9 shake ya head like a snow globe
Oh no
This ain't lil yatchy I'm on a lil boat
With a lil thottie she giving me throat
Said she she not crazy but liked to be choked
I ever seen a mutha call a Nigga broke
They probly be hating cus they just wanna be like Joey
I gotta 30 clip all in my 40
Go to SD bet them boys really know me
New York and San Diego bet we be rolling

YSL my mutha fuckin PJs
Pop another Xanax I just hop that I can replay
My whole
Image in my mind before my regret
I go straight over the border then you know we bouta fuckin
Turn up
Hitting up my plug
More drugs
Plus more luck
We just red up
So what
Hit her with the pump
Now she looking slumped
So we bouta come up with the gun and then we bust

Got it for the low
Bottom of the rubber
I could spot him with a 4 mill screamin make bodies go stomp him
Crop him
With the fuckin oven
Whippin up a demond out the clip and go rush him flush him
Dirty I sip
Act. ah. vis
We be goin on trips
Acid dip
Real sick
Hit a lick
Bloods and crips
Flippin up anoher lip
9 on hip