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Artist: Joey Trap
Album:  Misadventures of Trap Jack
Song:   I Am Freestyle
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Yuh, aye, yuh
DJ Patt!
Yuh, aye

Money falling but ain't nothing to lose
Pac in 92' got nothing but juice
Kloud God, nigga, I am not Zeus
Animals my niggas straight from the zoo
Fuck it up, my pistol Knot like a noose
Water wet, that bitch is not like a cruise
She get dick, I Make her take off her shoes
I don't give a fuck if those Jimmie Choo's
Bad bitch watch Dr. Phil
I don't do Netflix and chill
Fuck her then take off my grill
Them Jacksons in my pocket Thrill
Whipping up the, stove
Fucking with my, gold
All my money, old
Imm'a get it, till I'm cold

I'm flippin' a 20 then eatin' at Benny's
But fuck it, I'm whippin' a Honda, aye
Get the money bitch, but I don't eat salad
So I got the block in my condo, aye
Bitch look like Nicki, she roll up my stanky
And plus she [?]
Nigga you don't want a problem, don't
Fuck with my nigga, no condoms, aye
And I'm like, "Please my nigga
My neck and my wrist is on freeze
My nigga, my camera recieve like disease"
On in this, just hook on your cheese
My nigga was shooting these threes
My nigga, I
I'm feeling this record, it's infinite chilling this bitch
I got a bitch and she holding my clique
Take twenty bitches to hold up my take
But only one that to know that I'm sick, aye

Right, free my nigga tentacion
I just had to go and fuck a bad redbone
Birds keep chirping like my phone
I think I have to shut it off
Cause money keep coming off my phone like brr!
I just have to pull up in a foreign, I skrt!
Do wanna blow, my niggas lil dirt
Fuck you pussy niggas, I gon beat you on a shirt, gang

Yuh, free XXX
Free XXX, yuh
Yuh, aye, yuh