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Artist: Joey Trap
Album:  Lil Pump (S)
Song:   Lil Pump Freestyle
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Name every soundcloud rapper that sound like KLOUDGOD
Nigga can't name one
Love when they say I sound like X and Ski
just to diss me funny thing those niggas famous
I'll take the compliment
Pick up the activist bottle this
Sprite with the rock is so common now
Funny thing y'all sipping Nyquil so calm it down
Damn joey gassing like fire is comments
The comments on this going be joey is blowing now
I fuck your girl and she blowing now
So and so fucking with so and so both them hoes gave me that throat
And though kicked them out they ain't uber home
She asking questions like Google Chrome hey
When will you come to my city baby
When will you come to my city baby
Yeah its lil Joey I'm with it baby
Joey Trap oo
Joey Trap yeah
Joey Trap oo
Joey Trap yeah
Joey Trap oo
Joey Trap yeah
Fucking in the kitchen
That bitch is a thot
I be water whippin
My bitch told me stop
She said baby listen
If you get caught
Then you going to jail for some mad time like that
[?] for me for mad time now
I be getting free crack
Gotta lotta line now
Bitches wanna fuck
So they standing in the line now
Saying sound like other rappers
Getting out of line now
I sound like me
Ya'll sound like nah
If you want beef
That 30 round pop and I keep that heat
Like shout out chris paul
She said that I ball
She fuck with [?]
[?] and say ball like d rose
Then she started popping xans
Feeling like a hero
We know its weirdo
Don't be a hero
Blue strip my wrist and they call me sub zero nah
This ain't a diss nigga fuck what you saying
Fuck what you playing if it ain't no joey trap you niggas playing
I'm only eighteen like peyton
I'm underground just like satan but fuck it I'll make it