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Artist: Jamie Kennedy & Stu Stone f/ Kardinal Offishall
Album:  Blowin' Up
Song:   Rush the Club
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Kardinal Offishall]
Say what, we gon' rush the club
We gon' rush the club, GEYEAH!
We gon' rush the club
We gon' rush the cluuuuuuuuuub

[Stu Stone]
Yo, oh
It was a - club night, quarter to ten
I'm in the car bumping juice & gin
Monday morning, gotta work again
Just tryin to unwind with a couple of friends
Bouncer got me feelin like a jerk again
I tell him that he'll never work again
You can find me outside of the club, in the back of the line
I'm with the scrubs in a bit of a bind
Pull out the Sidekick, scroll it down to J
Invite him out, tell him that he don't gotta pay
I got a lot of hot girls (hmm) they wanna play
Did I mention that you don't gotta pay?
Bottles and models and they on yay
Am I making myself clear, you don't gotta PAY~!
"Okay, shut up, I'm on my way"
We gon' find a couple "Gold Diggers" like Kanye

[Chorus 2X: Kardinal Offishall]
RUSH DAT SHIT! We all gettin in man
RUSH DAT SHIT! Every last one of my friends man
RUSH DAT SHIT! (No more gettin the snub)
(Cause tonight, I'm rushin the club)

[Jamie Kennedy]
So I'm on a movie set, just wrapped for the day
This kid keep yappin 'bout I don't gotta pay
So I walk to the front as I usually do
No crew, just me and my homeboy Stu
Steppin to step and I got my Chucks
And I just got a deal so I don't give a fuck
So I walk through the line, yeah a few people know me (JAMIE!!)
I'm JK bitch~! This waitin shit bores me
Irate from the V.I.P.
I bought you a drink; fuck that, you owe me
Anyways me and Stu is chipped up
Got our Members Only jackets all zipped up
Walked to the guy who's got the juice
Said "Yeah we +Blowin' Up+ and we tryin to come through"
Said I don't know you and you don't pay me
Nobodies like you, harass me daily
Yo who's that comin through, is that Kardi in the Range?
(Y'all know I think this party's about to change!)


[Kardinal Offishall]
Aiyyo, so we get out the ten well from 30 deep (50 chains)
If they don't let us in we tearin down the frames
Cause we came out to get in - V.I.P.~!
Smash the bouncers in the neck if they try to disrespect
As we walk by the line the girls go for the clique
Tryin to see if there's someone that they can get in with
As we gettin closer movin to the front door
It's like we brought our own club, about a hundred or more
And when I get to the bouncers, yo who do I see? (Who)
My nigga Stu Stone and his nigga Jamie Kennedy
(Yo whattup rude bwoyyy) Aiyyo whatta'gwan J!
(Tryin to front on me dawg) Word nigga, no way!
You too Stu? (Dem know) Shit I got'chu
Just stand behind me so nobody pop you
I talk to my homeboy and then real quick
We kicked in the front door and RUSHED DAT SHIT


{*ad libs to end*}