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Artist: Jamie Kennedy & Stu Stone
Album:  Blowin' Up
Song:   Knuckle Up
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Y'all been poppin off at the mouth bitches (yo shut up man)
We didn't want to do this (had to do it)
But we had to do this (knuckle up)

[Chorus: repeat 8X - gradually getting louder]
Knuckle up son, knuckle up son (knuckle up)

[Stu Stone]
Sick of all the haters, now that we made this
Y'all ain't actors, you're bitch-ass waiters
I need a refill on the coffee, make it quick
I don't need to see your headshot, you ain't legit
I don't need to read your screenplay, it reads like shit
Take off the {?} man you make me sick
What the fuck you doin out son, it's Tuesday night
Holla at your boy Ashton, I'm ready to fight
I've had 1 beers, 2 beers, 3 beers, 4
I'll, pushy your coochie 'til you're ready for more
Call your boy Dax, tell him we're ready for war
Me and J Keezy gonna settle the score


[Jamie Kennedy]
This Hollywood shit, maaaan, it's got me twisted
Up, Colin Fields in the club and I missed it?
Who's this motherfucker, he ain't A-listed
I take his bitch, then I kissed it, I'm filthy
Cause I'm tired of readin about that stinky leprechaun
Oh he's so cute - even better as a blonde
C'MON~! Is he really that good?
I seen his sex tape, I musta misunderstood
He drinks, he smokes, he curses - OH MY!
Bring him down my spot, I'll jack him in his eye
And if I can't, I'll get my bodyguard to do it
And if he can't, I'll get Stu to run through it


Oh-hey, hey-oh! {*4X with "knuckle up son, knuckle up son" getting louder*}


(Y Keezy) 2017 bitches!
Man, let's get some soup