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Artist: Jamie Kennedy & Stu Stone
Album:  Blowin' Up
Song:   Flirt
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Chorus: Stu Stone]
Girl I think I'm fallin hard for you
I hope you feel the same way too
I see you lookin
while I'm sittin lookin back at you
Girl I think I'm fallin hard for you
I hope you feel the same way too
I'm sittin, fantasizin
Can I please go home with you?

[Jamie Kennedy]
Yo, aiyyo move to this shit, groove to this shit
Your sex life gonna improve to this shit
(Hits like this don't happen everyday)
Stu Stone runnin his mouth, got somethin to say

[Stu Stone]
LADIES~! If you're lovely, let's get down
I'm kinda sorta new to these bars, show me around
I wanna meka-leckha-kai your thigh (Oooh I could just die!)
The way you're shakin makin me-a-wanna-cry

[Jamie Kennedy]
I hope you got eyes in the back of your head
Maybe you can make 'em see me to my bed
Tonight's the night (I'm in love at first sight)
(We don't gotta fuck, we can make love instead)


[Jamie Kennedy]
Yo, aiyyo ride to this shit, glide to this shit
Motherfuckers get high to this shit

[Stu Stone]
Now grind with it, yup yup, wine with it, yup yup
Shake your fat back booty up behind with it, yup yup

[Jamie Kennedy]
You funny shit, why ain't you givin me love?
You just drinkin my bubb', what the fuck? (I'm not a slut)

[Stu Stone]
Give it up! I can see your nipples through that thing you call a shirt
Ass cheeks hangin out the bottom of your private school skirt

[Jamie Kennedy]
You a fake-ass flirt (damn straight)
Playin games with my dick, girl it hurts!

[Stu Stone]
And we both know deep down that we ain't fuckin (that's true)
So I'ma holla at your friend, please move (HE'S RUDE~!)


[Stu] Yo fellas are you with me? (YEAH!)
[Ken] If you're tired of a slut not givin it up
[Stu] Is you with me? (YEAH!)
[Ken] Where my real live chicks who's ready to fuck?
[Stu] Ladies, will you diss me? (YEAH!)
[Ken] Then you need to get your broke ass back in the truck
[Stu] Fellas, who's with me? (YEAH!)
[Ken] Here's a drink trick, shut the fuck up!


{*vocal ad libs of Chorus scratch to end*}