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Artist: Jamie Kennedy & Stu Stone
Album:  Blowin' Up
Song:   Car Rear
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Turn my bass up

[Jamie Kennedy]
Who's dippin sippin on some crunk juice (crunk juice)
Who's dippin rippin at my jump shoes
My one-twos, jump on scenes like me on big screens
Been in "Three Kings" and three screens and what that means
Uhh, I ain't done with it
Take that Malibu shit and fuckin run with it
Cause as long as me and Stu come come with it
We gonna hit a home run with it

[Stu Stone]
How dare you stare and wonder where we came from
And I don't get it, uhh, you shoulda seen us comin
While you was suckin your thumb and, I was messin with Care Bears
And not that you care, but the shit still airs
Uhh, damn right the check clears
Respect's near, got a car and a career
Chick in the car rear, won't tell your dad where
The age of Kennedy and Stone is here

(We blowin.. we blowin up~!) - *2X*

[Jamie Kennedy]
Son of an ass, put me on blast, for "Son of the Mask"
Even went as far as to say it'd be the last
But he who laughs last lasts lasts the hardest
He who ran fast and ran the farthest
Now it's a starfest, now I got 'em callin me ar-tist
Shakin hands, and run in the stands like I'm Ar-test
Might be the smartest, d-d-decision to start this
An-an-an-an-and th-th-this beat be the hardest

[Stu Stone]
Makin it happen, we done made it happen
Who coulda guessed a couple of guys like us could make it rappin
Might I suggest that next time you do do not let that happen
Now lean with it, rock with it, now let's get to snappin
Ayyyy, uhh
When it comes to rappin I'm Atlanta Brave
Ayyyy, we gon' take this to the top
And we won't stop until we hit the Grammy stage

(We blowin.. we blowin up~!) - *3X*