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Artist: Jamie Kennedy & Stu Stone
Album:  Blowin' Up
Song:   Bologna
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

What's up party people
Put those motherfuckin hands up
Because I'm comin to you, harder
Real harder
From the motherfuckin womb (FROM THE MOTHERFUCKIN WOMB YEAH~!)

Bologna, bologna (put it in my face)
Bologna, bologna (I'm back like Ma$e)
Bologna, bologna (all over the place)
Maybe your bologna (I can't erase)
Bologna, bologna (got some on my chin)
Bologna, bologna (makes me grin)
Bologna, bologna (ahh where to begin)
Maybe your bologna (pass the gin)

[Jamie Kennedy]
Let me tell you a story, about bah-log-nah
The first time I had it was in Nicaragua
Chased that shit down with a glass of agua
Tastes so good, daddy went gaga
Toss bologna salad - sure, why not
Bologna sandwich too as long as we don't get caught
I eat all the bologna, that my ass bought
Cause I'll take all the bologna that your ass got
Now some people, eat their bologna with mustard
But I enjoy bologna with a little bit of custard
You like bologna too - that's what Gus heard
You hating on bologna, bitch? You get the bird!


[Jamie Kennedy]
Verse two faggots, and it's my song
If loving bologna is right, I don't wanna be wrong
You say you're vegetarian, well that's irrational
Put down the frickin lettuce, and go Hebrew National
Kosher - oh sure - It really don't matter
As long as there's bologna, my belly's gettin fatter
I'm sick of other rappers callin the bologna card
I like a firm bologna, but like my steez I bring it hard


WHAT, 2005, 2006, 2011
What, whoa, hey, hey
Bologna, it don't need a first name
In your MOUTH
Can you handle that (handle it)