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Artist: Jin (Tha MC)
Album:  I Promise
Song:   Chinese Food
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

My live have been like
One long journey filed with alot of ups and alot and definitely alot of downs
Check it

I dedicate this verse here to my grandfather who passed away earlier this year
At his funeral I ran threw a box full of tissues
My tears are dry but I still miss you
And I promise I will never forget you
These last six bars just made it offical
Yeah iknow he can hear me
Even though he don't speak english he can understand clearly
What his grandson is trying to express
It's tough but I'm trying my best I remember as a kid just running with him
Every year I spend a whole summer with him
Visisted him in the projects
And he knew I was interred by them shiny objects
cutting a rolex out of magazine ads
tell me when I grow up I could buy one for my dad
So much engery like me quite clever
These are memories I will treasure forever
Every now and then I still sheld a tear
Walking through chinatown I feel his spirit in the air
For your legacy I go harder
Tell my kids your great grandfather was a great grandfather
But let me walk you to this timeline
take you back to my pops and moms grind
they both immaganted to this country as teenagers
You know tropical american dream chasers
Immagrating blew up like disco
As we moving to new york then to frisco
My pops said ny let's go
This was in the 70's when he used too rock a fro
Bell bottoms pimp hat with the tilted brim
I seen the pictures and I still don't think it's him
Fast forward 82 that when he met my moms got married and had a baby too
That baby who? that babys me Jin Au-Yeung
My moms was whoa young
Only eighteen a senior in high school
When I was eighteen that's was my school
I'm in charge of her life
I put that in every bar that I write
Picture a young couple trying to get on track
What are the options a resturant or laundry mat? so they choase plan a
So I was at the resturant every damn day but I was only twelve
I justed wanted to play
When my friends would come I gave the food away
I know it that bad for business
So I appogize now if it still make a differences
I guess deep down I just hated the fact I felt trapped
And that was my way of getting you back I can't go back in time
and I hate it but I can't tell you that your hard work was appreciated
See to the coustomer that just a plate of rice
but to my family that shit can save a life
It's more then chinese food it's a life story of a chinese dude
And I ain't come here to tell you what to eat
It just food for thought over a beat