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Artist: Jim Jones f/ Jha Jha, Paul Wall, P. Diddy
Album:  Harlem: Diary of a Summer
Song:   What You Been Drankin On?
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[P. Diddy Talking Intro]
DipSet motherfuckers
Jha Jha, Jim Jones, y'all motherfuckers must have lost
Y'all minds Paul Wall....they call me Diddy
Y'all motherfuckers must have lost y'all mind
I wish a motherfucker would

[Hook - Jha Jha]
What you been drankin on
What you been sippin on
What got you bumpin in the funk wit all that gator on
Cause you ain't drunk hoe
You ain't drunk hoe
You ain't ridin you ain't live you ain't drunk hoe

[Verse 1 - Jha Jha]
I was up in the club vibin, sippin on sizzurp vibin
Gettin a lil flow fo' my man wanna just slow to the
jams these girls wanna start whylin
They gots to start trippin
they got the crowd listenin
You know the type wanna get into a fight when it's
light them chicks just need attention
They playin "Get From Round"
I'm sayin get from round me
If you spill that drink on my brand new mink I'ma
split every bitch that's round me
We can buck if you want to
I'm the type that'll give you what you want boo
Y'all chicks cant stand me
I bet a bunch of Gees, just wait til' I bust to the roof

[Hook - P. Diddy]
Cause you ain't drunk nigga
You ain't drunk nigga
Til' that sizzurp and Henny is in yo cup nigga
What you been sippin on?
What you been hittin on?
You see them chicks in bikinis we spillin Crist's on

[Verse 2 - P. Diddy]
(Call me Diddy) Lets ride that out
Stop that talk outside your mouth
I'll put guys outside your house
We the hottest in the south
Bad Boy, DipSet
Baby girl, get ya lips wet
Maybach like that chauffeur
Money ain't to far from Oprah's
You should've seen what I paid my chauffeur
It's enough to buy you a roster
This toaster
supposed to
take you on a roller coaster
You ain't poppin like Diddy baby
I'm rockin wit Diddy baby
The Drops is terrific kid
the watches cost 80 motherfucker..

[Hook - Jim Jones]
What you been drinkin on
Who you been smokin with
What got you actin all silly doin stupid shit
Cause you ain't drunk nigga
You little fuck nigga
You ain't bad
you's a fag
You ain't tough nigga

[Verse 3 - Jim Jones]
Y'all know the deal
Long john shirt don't show the steal
Ski mask when we gone to kill
We blast and you know we will
We don't mash just olds-mobiles
Ride to ya block slow as hell
Look for you fucks than unload the shells
A nigga get caught than please post bell
Eastside to the homies in jail
Know how it be that lonely S.L.
Full of turf that smokey cell
You cookin it than you goin to hell
I'm with a bitch in the front seat holdin the steal
Doc, I'm so f'real
Move the candy ring to get the candy cane
For them pretty Range Rover wheels

[Hook - Paul Wall]
What you been sippin on ?
Whats in that white cup?
It's that Memphis-ing, codeine, not purple tub!
Cause you ain't leanin bitch
You ain't codeine'in bitch
That cup and money
You ain't high
You ain't sleepy bitch

[Verse 3 - Paul Wall]
Cock the 4, hold the deuce
Mixed with sprite maybe juice
Prepare to lean off that codeine
Prescription call it syrup gettin ya loose
White cup that's full of that oil
Texas T we call it drank
Sittin sidewayz on them 4's lavish drippin wet candy paint
Who's the man, who's the G
Houston Southside 7 1 3
I'm on the block that we call South Lee
Sippin oil with the thugs and G's
Paul Wall what you know about me
I'm on the grind and I'm slangin leash
When I mix the sprite wit this sizzurp I'll show you
how to make a sprite remix

[Music fades out as P. Diddy talks]
DipSet, Bad Boy, Jim Jones, Jah Jah, Paul Wall..
They call me diddy!...Harlem ''stand up''
Dirty South ''stand up'', ''Midwest stand up''
West coast ''stand up''....Yeaah...(Come On, Come On)