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Artist: Jim Jones f/ Max B
Album:  Harlem: Diary of a Summer
Song:   G's Up
Typed by: George Lee

G's up nigga (G's up), ho's down (ho's down)
If the bitch can't swim she gon' drown (she gon' drown)
Runnin' the streets totin' the fo' pound
If you ain't know we was them niggaz, then nigga you know now (DIPSET)

[Max B]
I had to fade 'em into black
Hit 'em with the crossover, made 'em jump back
And before all that
I used to make 'em pump crack
Ridin 'shotgun in the Eight slum back
Max leave the streets? Please, they don't want that
They need me in the shit
The .40 cals is mine, the nina's we could split
Cock back, squeeze off, started feedin' 'em with the fifth
And you couldn't really hide, 'cause I seen that nigga trip
You ain't seen a nigga flip
Until they bank 50 G's and you feed a nigga shrimps
39, 40 and you feed a nigga strips
Beat the nigga bitch,
'til she bleedin from the lips (yeah)
Got me speedin' in the six
Drunk off the hen', breezin' in the mist
Chicks believin' in the dick (dick)
Fiendin' for a sniff
Got me needin' for a spliff
Ain't a thing funny, when you fucking with this money
I'ma lean you off a cliff...G's up


[Jim Jones]
The picture gettin clearer
If it was bricks than the strip we had to tear it up
If it's beef, the .45th we had to gear
Lookin at my life through this rear viewer mirror
Burnin' in the pike in this brand new Carrera
The game funny, mo' money it's gets weirder
My gang hungry, no money that we scared of
And do us both a favor my nigga, and don't compare us
We still losin' soldiers at this war
Like every other week I'm pourin cold ones at the floor
They just killed Ike, he was going to the store
That's why I roll around fully loaded in the door
A majority the time, I'm tryna stay above the poverty line
And that's a major part of my grind
I still hit the 'hood and park my cars in the nine
While the little niggaz pump hard with dimes...


[Jim Jones]
They say success is like omen (pray for me)
You see police will arrest us while we rollin' (I know my rights)
We stay on heat, so if you press we ain't foldin' (fuckers)
You see me in the streets, it ain't a question that I'm holdin'

[Max B] (Jim Jones)
We pimpin' easy
Let niggaz hate me, come teach me
The niggaz with the big cake, they couldn't reach me (I KNOW)
Now when they see us, they kick game, everything all peachy (Ay, suckas)
Snitch niggaz put 'em beneath me, (fuck) believe me

[Jim Jones]
Fuck 'em (that's right) I can't let them break me (not at all)
If I don't die, well then a man is what it makes me (makes me stronger)
I rather ride in the Lambo's with the AC
Top down, stoppin for nothing, coming through frollin'

[Max B] (Jim Jones)
I try to be one of these niggaz that do it for nothin' (I need the money),
I got a passion for this shit 'cause i love it (me too)
Like a piece of pussy when i'm fuckin' (fuckin'), waitin' to cum
Runnin the streets at Lennox Ave., wavin' my gun

[CHORUS] x2 with ad libs from Jim Jones
[Jim Jones talking until end]
Byrd gang...yeah!
You know the rules man...G's up, hoes down
Fuck it...just let the bitch drown man...
M.O.B. for life!...
I'm about my paper man...
You gotta G mack, but you first gotta G stack
Gotta get your one's up, and then get your fun up, ya smell me?...
Life is a live it one and ya learn once...
Ya make the same mistake twice...that might be yo' ass
Capo status man..
From the projects....that's the 'hood within a 'hood
That shit you dunno nothin' about motherfuckers...
And trust me when I tell easy