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Artist: Jidenna f/ Kendrick Lamar 
Album:  Wondaland Presents: The Eephus
Song:   Classic Man (Remix)
Typed by: Cedmaster3K 

[Kendrick Lamar] + (Jidenna)
I'm the only nigga doin' it
You other niggas ruined it, I'm +2 Legit+, go Hammer with the foolishness
My nana said my grammar can maneuver this industry
Until I'm stupid rich and now I'm stupid rich, ahh!
(Even if she go away) Woo woo woo!
(Even if she go away)
Assumin' this is what they humor is, "To Pimp a Butterfly" my newest shit
In fact the rumor is the way I proven it

[Chorus: Jidenna]
I'm a classic man
You can be mean when you look this clean
I'm a classic man
Callin' on me like a young O.G
I'm a classic man
Your needs get met by the street 
elegant old-fashioned man
Yeah baby, I'm a classic man

I burn through the hood like "Whoa"
When everybody feelin' so cold
I'm cool like Nat King Cole 
And niggas get a bit of my glow
I got, charm like a leprechaun, mummafunka
Now y'all fuckin' with the wrong mummafunka
Chief be like a don, mummafunka
And we don't live by the law, mummafunka 
Even if she go away, even if she go away
Even if she go away, even if she go away


[Kendrick Lamar]
(Classic man) That's on my mama though
I got piranha flow, fuckin' up your designer clothes
(Casket man) Where be your rapper's angle?
Bunch of subliminal bitches, I'd rather fingerbang 'em
Whoa kemosabe, pray to God nobody try me
Catch a body over nothin', Top couldn't even stop me
I got key to my city, I got key to California
I might legalize your homicide and mourn marijuana
Let my daddy smoke his weed, only thing they keep on Philly
I ain't got no jewelry on me bitch, I got the jewelry in me
Aw shit, let me talk my shit, I always been the shit
This ain't overnight, they love me now like they loved me then
I know what I like, I eat the pussy for my nourishment
I know how to cherish it, I know how to decorate your wall and further furnish it
I'ma burn your shit down, this is what the furnace is
I'ma turn your shit around with some friendly services
Ain't no nervousness like I'm ratchet or conservative
And that's affirmative
All I do is lay up and face up my big bills and pay stub
Got no chill for fake ones like fo'real, they say I'm 


Keep my gloves dirty but my hands clean
Gotta keep the business in the family
Breadwinner fillin' up the pantry
Now my niggas slang cane like a dandy
I tell you how it go
You pull out rubber bands, I pull out an envelope
The ladies on my elbow ain't for the show
Every madame on my team is a top general, ohh
Got to be ready for war, war
Should they get into my door, door
Get 'em, we'll get 'em, I know that we'll get 'em
Cause I lived through this shit before, ohh


[Outro: Jidenna]
I'm a classic man
(Even if she go away, even if she go away)
I'm a classic man 
(Even if she go away, even if she go away)
I'm a classic man
Old-fashioned man, I'm a classic man