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Artist: Jibbs
Album:  Jibbs feat. Jibbs
Song:   I'm a Rhino
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Yo whassup y'all? This ya boy young Jibbs
I'm 'bout to tell y'all what a "oh" is
A "oh" is them zeroes after them real numbers
Naw; let's change that "oh" into an H - for you haters!

[Chorus: Jibbs]
You a golddiggin (hoe) I ain't messin with no (hoe)
Cause I'm a rhino (oh) put it on vinyl (oh)
And I ain't no (hoe) you can go find yo' (hoe)
Train yo' (hoe) and sign yo' (hoe)
Go and throw them digits (oh) boy I ain't messin with no (hoe)
Cause I'm a rhino (oh) put it on vinyl (oh)
And I ain't no (hoe) you can go find yo' (hoe)
Train yo' (hoe) and sign yo' (hoe)

Ayy! My name Jibbs, but they call me Mighty JOE
The kid down and out with the outerspace FLOW
Stay waved up, pookie madden with a 'FRO
Jag chillin in the back with girls hollerin at JOE
Who you know got a C with a three and double OH
I write my own stuff never will I need a GHOST
Spit so cold that you prolly need a COAT
And I keep bread tell 'em bring it by the BOAT
Clownin on stage but Jibbs is no JOKES
Oh Lil' Louis strong, got 'em hangin from a ROPE
All my diamonds real, no gold or glass, COPE
But if you're all washed up don't drop the SOPE
Beatsta Music don't bang that LOW
It bang your feet, boy you can feel yo' TOES
And I am the hottest but don't keep it on the LOW
And they mad cause I riot and I fly like a CROW


Spit punchlines, one to me is like FIRE
That's because I gotta spread around like a HIGH
Jibbs and the whole Lil' Louis is a TRIBE
And we keep goin higher 'til we see ourselves FLY
Spit punchlines, hope it hit you in ya EARRRS
When I'm at a concert girls be drawin TEARRRS
Lose 'em in the dark no havin no FEARRRS
And they callin me a spaceship the way I'm switchin GEARRRS
If you a golddigger; hoe I'm platinum plus
Diamond out bezel; don't let the platinum rust
Boy perfect timin, but I ain't gon' speak of glocks
All up in your speakers, they call me speakerbox!


People wanna see theyselves that Jibbs is a BEAST
One of me is like five, two more than THREE
Bet four, I gotta make my money INCREASE
And five is the reason why the lock need a KEY
So if you ain't throwin then you need to catchy CHO-RUS
Keep switchin Timbs, many trees like a FOR-EST
Deal with the rhymes like my sign is a TAU-RUS
And I'm all about mine you can keep mindin YO-URS
Now speak for yourself I'ma keep goin HIGH
So above average I don't think you wanna TRY
I'ma tell the truth that I don't have to LIE
And I'm beastin my peers I don't think you wanna TRY
You can mess with Jibbs (nope) man I think you won't (nope)
Cause this rap thing (yup) I been doin long (yup)
So you need to sit... down where you bend
Cause I'ma just... make your head spin~!

[Chorus] - 2X