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Artist: Jibbs
Album:  Jibbs feat. Jibbs
Song:   Chain Hang Low
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[Verbal: Child]

[Chorus: Children harmonizing]
Do yo chain hang low?
Do it wobble to the flo'?
Do it shine in the light?
Is it platinum, is it gold?
Could you through it ova ya shoulda
If ya hot & make ya cold?
Do yo chain hang low?

[Bridge: Jibbs]
Is that ya chain?
Bout twenty-fo' inches is how low I let it hang
Hop out the ride 'n' let the dime smoke off da range
Just by the chain you can tell the big kid do his thang
You know the name/Im off the chain

[Verse 1: Jibbs]
Yea, yea, yea, yea, I'm hot kid
Chain so low you would think the diamonds neva stopped it
And its funny cuz you could neva stop it
Bunch of rocks on my hand and I ain't even on the block kid
Show 'em white gold, sorta hold it like my timbs
And the chain hang 24 inches like the rims
Diamonds all blown up (yea) sorta like a pimp
So when the light hit the ice it starts glistenin off da tip
My chain hang, all it do is bling-bling
(Here) blue, (here) red, like my diamonds gang-bang
And I'ownt even think we on the same thang
Yo I'm so heavy they couldn't lift it till the crane came (yea)


[Verse 2: Jibbs]
Yea, yea, yea, yea, I'm so icy
Charm so heavy that my neck don't like me
Gone, and no, no, no, its not a game
I'll throw my chain in the crowd like dang these (this is nothin)
Diamonds is nothin to me
Especially when I'm dressin up, its just a button to me (bling)
And not to mention my teeth
Cuz they color coordinated, complimentin the teeth (alright, thanx)
So check out my swag
Diamonds red, white, and blue like the American flag (its so colorful)
And see I got that nice cream
So much money I spent on jewels, I call it my ice cream
Give you a black eye cuz of da beating
They think I am a mutant the way ya boy is beasting
I stay when its sum time, you'll call it cheating
And my boys always around like it's a meeting


[Chorus 2X]