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Artist: The Jet Age of Tomorrow
Album:  Voyager
Song:   Strobe Light
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[The Jet Age of Tomorrow]
We are, running away
Into the stroooobe, liiiights
We will, make it through
Through the haaaard, tiiiiimes

[The Jet Age of Tomorrow]
Let's fly away, we on an alien ship
I'm in you, but you ain't mine on some alien shit
I'm lyin - 'roid is our future who could tour
Watch them niggaz out in Vacandy moshin on the floor
Been jammin, like Andre
with a fun chick eatin a parfait
Got game like a nerd at the arcade
Kicked up like favorite wet dreams parlay
Blast off then we out this bitch
and I won't drop like family shit
And in case you think this is
nappin off on that like Mexicans, no offense