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Artist: The Jet Age of Tomorrow (Matt Martians & Hal Williams)
Album:  The Journey to the 5th Echelon
Song:   Pack Up
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[The Jet Age of Tomorrow]
Hype slam - just take your picture
Your heart and mind - so hard to get'cha
I chase you 'round - so I don't miss ya
So when you go - I'm goin wit'cha

[Chorus: repeat 4X]
Take me on a trip to where you are {*2X*}
I just wanna go and see the stars {*2X*}

[The Jet Age of Tomorrow]
I know - they wanna see ya
They can't stand me - that I'm wit'cha
I'm burning, red - in your kitchen
So go, ahead - I'll be wit'cha


[The Jet Age of Tomorrow]
Whoa~! I-I never thought, I would be thinking this way
I kinda wanna stay here; I mean
it doesn't even feel like I left home
I kinda, don't even, wanna go home
Maybe this is the right thing
being right, here, with you