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Artist: The Jet Age of Tomorrow f/ JQ, Vince Staples
Album:  The Journey to the 5th Echelon
Song:   LunchBox
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Vince Staples]
Good morning! Say hello to the asshole
I guess I musta smoked all the crack in my dad's soul
ePalm boy ramshackin them fat hoes
I can't be taught shit, showin the class closed, so closed case
So bass, but so calm, I'm old Ma$e
Reason bitches get to heavy breathin in a closed space
Fiendin for these lifelong dreams steam from old hate
and throwin Sprewells on a fuckin Acura TL (uh~!)
Bitch we monster mobbin, ignorant as Compton College graduates
You faggot bitches pay attention
Since my seven grade suspensions, I've been on some "Fuck religion!"
I believe in me, stackin money up, and fuckin bitches who'll breeze
Truthfully, you bringin out the +Kill Bill 2+ in me
Dennis Hooper shoot a nigga, welcome to my +Hoosier+ speech
Kill 'em when I'm spittin, you should bring a quart or two of bleach
Don't want to leave a messy scene cause presentation's everything
Play hard as gay baseballers
Haitian, large enough to shake Harlem
Red carpet stained from blood of my enemies
I treat it like the Kennedys, hope that you remember me

[Chorus 2X: JQ]
Treat you niggaz like my dinner welcome to my - LUNCHBOX
Roast you on a flaming ember then you're in my - LUNCHBOX
Appetite growin bigger, so you're in my
LUNCHBOX (lunchbox) LUNCHBOX - welcome to my - LUNCHBOX

As my hunger grows in capacity
Citizens scatter rapidly, in front of then after me
But you can not be mad at me cause it would be a tragedy
to hear the blasphemy of saying "This is not a masterpiece"
So please just, ease up
'fore you are surrounded by so many pyramids you think it's Egypt
So go ahead, step in our path
While we do a fuckin hundred with our foot on the gas, bitch
You lowly residents are merely just a pestilence
So tell me what a peasant is compared to my excellence
Yeah - that's absolutely nada
You niggaz couldn't kick it if I started playin soccer
How you gon' stop a, nigga spittin lava
over beat fatter than sumos eatin pasta with lobster?
Be careful if your mouth begins to pop
Murder won't be considered, I'll just drop you in the box