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Artist: The Jet Age of Tomorrow
Album:  The Journey to the 5th Echelon
Song:   Her Secrets (Bonus)
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[The Jet Age of Tomorrow]
She's gorgeous - one of a kind
Word around town she's hard to find
I saw her - the other day
Walking down the street, around my way
I stopped her - to say some words
She told me love was for the birds
I asked her - if there's a chance
She just smiled and looked at my pants
.. I feel bad for a second
Still ask her for her number so I could text her
.. She says no
Then she waves at me and says "I gotta go, but"

Maybe I'll see you around
Even though I'm not from this part of town
Maybe I'll see you around
Even though I'm not from this part of town

[The Jet Age of Tomorrow]
I saw her - once again
Walking down the street, with a friend
I ask her - why she came around
She said she's sick of shopping downtown
I wonder - why she's back
Maybe it's just me and she's trying to act
Or maybe - she's really shopping for clothes
in the part of town where no one goes
So I follow her - around the block
Then I realize she's tryin to score some rock
She looks as if - she don't care
Then she looks at me as she flips her hair and says


[The Jet Age of Tomorrow]
I knew it had to be too good to be true
I mean a girl like that on this side of town, for no reason?
I don't know I just feel like
maybe one day I'll find, a girl as beautiful as she was
but that's not riding the white horse
Can't have no girl that the white horse now can you
It ain't like she said the same thing to me every time I talk to her
All she ever said to me was