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Artist: The Jet Age of Tomorrow (Matt Martians & Hal Williams)
Album:  The Journey to the 5th Echelon
Song:   Fallen Angels
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[The Jet Age of Tomorrow]
And on the last day of his loife
He realized that
Everything that he had ever worked for up to that point
To 'im anything
That... the way he made people feel would be the
the only thing that, people would remember
Off to the 5th Echelon

{*metallic laughter sounds start at 0:52 and go to 1:18*}

{*metallic laughter sounds start at 1:43 and go to 2:09*}

[The Jet Age of Tomorrow]
I cooka ze cheese
It is a good cheese
I lovea ze cheese
Ahhh the cheese
Ze mix in the pot
Then drop in the noodles
The dash of the saaaaalt
of, the cheese
Its smell is so good
You want a taste
You can a not taste
cause it is my cheese
It is not your cheese
'Tis my cheese
It 'tis not your cheese
ahhh look at me
I'm enjoying the cheese