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Artist: The Jet Age of Tomorrow f/ Om'Mas Keith of SARA
Album:  The Journey to the 5th Echelon
Song:   The Finer Thangz
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Tryin to leave
Sh-sheeit; I'm 'bout to get on a plane now!
No... that's right, call me
Call me, we'll do lunch
You know, you know what they say

[Chorus: The Jet Age of Tomorrow]
You know they say
that the finest things in life is free
(I work for me - nigga what?)
(Time for you to cough it up)
(Don't you owe me what the fuck?)
(I know one thing though - you better pay me, BITCH)
You know they say
that the finest things in life is free
(I spend it up, save it up)
(Double up, triple up, then leave the casino)
(But I know one thing though)
(You better pay me, BITCH)

[Om'Mas Keith of SARA]
I got, got shit like Cartier
I like big girls... {*SCRATCH: "What the fuck you just say?"*}
I like big girls, but not that big
Don't want no pig yo cause I'm only five foot nine as it is
Super 3 gettin money, L.A., A-T-L connect
Not a new jack, no lookin back
At the club? Girl I douse you
with champagne, then we HOUSE YOU
Imaginin me, on top of the world
eatin caviar from spoons made from mother of pearl


[Om'Mas Keith of SARA]
Uh-oh, business like a Blackberry
Keep my girl in burberry
It's smellin like some strawberries
In the South of France, on a ferry
... cause I want all the finest things in this life
Smell good, dress nice, got a kid, maybe a wife~!
Jetsettin money-gettin and I got five whips
And hangin with my homies doin acid trips
Now it's all about the shorty with the sexy lips
And nickel-plated automatics with banana clips!

(PAY ME, BITCH!!) {*2X*}