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Artist: Jean Grae f/ Edgar Allen Floe
Album:  Jeanius
Song:   #8
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[Intro: Edgar Allen Floe]
Yeah... What up, Jean?
Aiyyo, there's a lot of nonsense in the streets right now 
You see it right? Tell 'em what's up, yeah

[Jean Grae]
Possibly I could, dropping some knowledge I should
But I ain't finish +College+ and I'm not a Kanye, got it? Good
Intelligent rhetoric, brain packed like a tenement
Aimed back at the tenants, my face crack in a venomous rage
I really wanna blaze all you, burn you like a whore do
Hurl you like Florida storm furniture
Permanent marker Jean is tagging blacking up on your partner's penis
Pardon the +Phoenix+ I mark you plus I bark the meanest
Hardly elitist, I know the struggle
I mostly bubble underground like a soda below some broken rubble
At ground zero, I get down nigga, like them brown people
+Saturday Night+ Geechi Suede and Sonny Cheeba, lift ya
I'll levitate the scriptures just so I can see 'em better
Each and every letter was conceived by Jean, I'm the Coretta
Scott King of my day I mean, stand by my mate, my King
Plan for Jamaica honeymooning, vacationing
CD break it in, skippin on this track 
like I've been scrapin it, scrapin it, scrapin it, bring it back
Sicker than rap. I'll stick you with a picket axe
Pick up your soul and then control it, what's bigger than that?
You don't like the way I flow? She needs more emotion? No
I'll give you emotion, it's you, holding your broken nose
And leave you comatose with a pound of Columbian snow
At your side when the cops arrive, they'll just say you overdosed
This ain't a battle, I would make your cranium rattle
Skull in pain as if a hundred veins had popped a dangerous madam
The Heidi Fleiss of words, like a verse, find a purse
I could make you love me, if you fuck with me violence occurs
New York pimp game the worst chick since the birth of the words
that I first met on a Thursday, I think I'm cursed
Don't blink niggaz, because I will figure
A way to kill you in a second with my ring finger
Think quicker, my visions multiplied like liquor drinkers
I kick your sister 'til she's crippled, makin you step with her
Cause I could mark you too, show you what a dart could do
When your aorta's the target, nigga, pardon you