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Artist: Jean Grae f/ Median
Album:  Jeanius
Song:   American Pimp
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Yo, yes, mic check 1-2, yo...

The locks and the darkness are making him a target, heh
Average-lookin nigga so he had to work the hardest
His gears no frills, far from flawless
But rich personality that balanced him to get up in the draws quick
Charming wit, flip escape from the lawn shit
Slick jake 'til they slip, fade if they saw the kid
Up in system with the court-appointed lawyers and they
fightin for the state, he's gettin played by the law again
Minimum wage, behave, he can't call it
But who could spare the change for blaze or alcoholic, heh?
And who cares if they say they change while they ballin here
Rock bottom, livin by the ledge, why they bothered him?
Then they followed him, now they callin him
The evils came and they jaded and they taunted him
Fathered him in ways of no shame, erased his honest and re-
placed it with the game for anything to make a dollar here
Now we outta here...

[Jean Grae]
She's got, two baby daddies at the age of 12, wake up motel
Calls in the morning when her face is swell, the lake is runnin
From it, the jakes are coming, stunning develop
She's livin strictly off her tounge and her talent
Her mother's base and off-balance
Fuck relations with parent, around the way she's embarrased
So she escapes it on the train with the carat, she's sellin
her whole character, chocolate skin malomar
Complexion of Africa untainted, painted as a whore
Lacked guidance so she back-slided, back side get
claps like them automatics hidden in her man's ride
I mean her pimp's, right? Never leave his bitch alone
'Cept when she's suckin and moanin and beatin whips, he gone
Leave her fend for herself, she's known as Nikki
Them pedophiles been picking her quick cause she young and pretty
Them middle-aged crackers just happy, suckin her titties
One time to spare the honky trick, he paid a buck and fifty
So, she does it for the kids and Similac, Pampers, and Gerber
Pack in Tuesday, found her murdered in an alley gagged
So who's to blame for this, death? The child nameless
Reckless and wild Americans style, no village claiming us, why?