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Artist: Jon Bellion
Album:  Without Your Face (S)
Song:   Without Your Face
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Somewhere in the sand
On a beautiful vacation
The water looks like glass
Not a single wave is Breaking
The sky's an orange red
Sunsets for relaxation
But a trip without your face
Is a trip that's not worth takin'

Let me explain further...

[Verse 2]
Half a million fans
And none to rush or laugh with
Pluto drops a beat
Now me and Drake your rappin
With groupies in the van
We hit the pool to splash in
But the fame without your face
Is the fame that's not worth havin'

You get it? Not yet?
Damn I really gotta drive this home huh?

[Verse 3]
Stood on my own two feet and I fell
No hooks cause I know these verses speak for themselves
When I hit the ground right before my casket was packed
Your body came from heaven and gave me the illest piggyback
Fourth and goal with my soul your hands carried me
You subtracted the bullshit before you added me
One hundred percent so I am always fraction free
I swear I multiply myself so I am about to be
The definition of anything that you need from me
So close your eyes and listen to the scenery
This here be soundin like a stroll down easy street
So make the face I love and let's run

Cause a life without your face, Is a life that's not worth livin'