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Artist: Jay Rock f/ Kendrick Lamar, SZA
Album:  Redemption
Song:   Redemption
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Jay Rock]
If you had a second chance in life, what would you do?
Would you put the pills down, throw out the lean too?
Treat your baby mama right and make way for your kids?
Peace with your enemies, keep the water under the bridge?
I think 'bout if my motorcycle crash was fatal
Broken bones, internal bleedin', stretched on the table
Goin' through surgery, two machines helpin' me breathe
Sorry momma, I wanna stay but I gotta leave
I see my funeral packed, I see some lyin', some cryin' and some givin' dap
I see false claimers, strangers and foes with they head in they laps
I see mo' division
I see some of them showin' up just to post a picture like they was my nigga
Instagram's a dead man's best friend
Everybody lookin' for likes but wasn't likin' you when
You needed somethin' to hold on, dealin' with life stress
Glad them angels came in surgery, said I'm not done yet

[Chorus: SZA] + (Kendrick Lamar)
I know saints, I know sinners, I know bosses
I know pain, I know wins, I know losses
My loyalty is sensitive so please don't cross me
(My loyalty is sensitive so please don't cross me)
I came to redeem myself
All I need is God's help
It's a millions of miracles
Show me the real you, the real truth

[Jay Rock]
If I had a second chance in life, this what I'd do
I buy you flowers, talk to you for hours, give you truth
I listen to you when you hurt, I shoulda went to church with you
But my credentials didn't work, I still shoulda worked with you
I shoulda left them lil' hoes alone and came home
But I blamed the moments on you, though I was in the wrong
You checked my phone and I checked you 'bout it
We never talked it over, instead we just sexted about it
I said "I'm comin' over", you turnt up and flexed about it, I hit yo momma phone
She said "Y'all get it together", she don't know what we on
My response was whatever, I'm ego trippin' however
I hate to see you gone, she gave me that dial tone
... I shoulda gave you more trust
More love, no lies, more us
Cause when my motorcycle crashed and everyone left
You was that angel at surgery sayin' I ain't done yet
Real shit