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Artist: Jay Rock
Album:  Redemption
Song:   Broke +-
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Jay Rock]
Yeah, yeah

[Jay Rock]
Can I do my shiznit? Can I be specific?
Can I chase this grip without lookin' too big for my britches?
Am I too prolific? The vision my pugilistic
Moods insisted food come from them tools he's so choose to use
Now Harriet Tubman say she freed a thousand slaves
Could've freed a thousand more, if they was aware of the chains
What's under the rugs remainin' unexplained, truth is mostly taboo
Even when it's starin' back at you like an enemy tattoo
Refusin' to play the statue, I take action, without quittin'
Until I reach my point of satisfaction, not givin' a crap what happens
I'm just a part of a winnin' family, call me Marlon Jackson
As I'm workin' hard to get my spin right
Morphine and novacane dull the pain, still don't change the diagnosis
Pessimistic thoughts, carryin' the bricks, we tryna find some hope
Most my counterparts be feeling the same, give me a light, let's smoke
You either chasin' this dirty money, or livin' righteous broke

[Chorus: Jay Rock]
B is for the blood, R is for the ropes
O is for oppression, K is for the kush, needed just to cope
E is for the evolution, it's for this resolution
Now have you ever been broke, sick of forever losin'?

[Jay Rock]
The damage is done but who's to blame? Finger pointin', namin' names
Nobody willin' to pay that full admission to ride the gravy train
Death is a part of life, happens daily, gotta face the pain
I be limpin' through it, with lacerations, both my ankles sprained
Can't rely on politics, or that 1% to gain power
Daily givin' kibbles to let them own your life for eight hours
Poison get to waters, make it hard, safely take showers
Nobody put in place to keep it straight so now we slang powder
Chasin' paper, aimin' lasers, at the opposition
Can't play with these streets and say you positive, it's a contradiction
I ain't have no pot to piss in, had to make some tough decisions
Tired of dealin' with these broke conditions, listen