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Artist: Jay Electronica f/ Cee-Lo
Album:  The Jay Electronica Project (Mixtape)
Song:   Who's Gonna Save My Soul
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Love is conditional
I never knew that mary'd put a hole in my fishing boat
I got to tripping more
She went to bitching more
The court of universal law said it wasn't permissible
She went to forte, I stayed pianissimo
Then I went to forte, and she went to physical
Should I go should I stay and withstand
the additional attacks on the mental and the physical
It's gon get dangerous
Why waste time in these child-like exchanges
Why waste mind with these child-like games
It's make up to break up
Crying all the time baby messing up your makeup
Try and scratch my face up
She said I need communication jay but you don't say much
I know it ain't okay but
I from where niggas keep they mouth closed and the gate shut
It seem like only yesterday that I was just a kid in Christian Dior velour
Ballies and a shape-up
Spinning on cardboard and trying to rip a break up
Life comes at you fast, I went from sleepin in class
to sleeping in the streets forgetting where I wake up
When I was hit with trial, I went in to survival mode
And did a lot of shit a nigga wasn't proud of, so
When I be sittin on the couch with a blankhead
I be at the homeless shelter jefferson and bankhead
A jack sippin dankhead
Making sure niggas don't steal my clothes
Trying to make a path so I fufill my goals
Trying to take a bath so I can heal my soul
A little bit of laughter to conceal my woes
Who gon save me?