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Artist: Jawga Boyz
Album:  Can't See My Paint Job (S)
Song:   Can't See My Paint Job
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Yea buddy, rollin like a redneck chevy jacked up with the strait pipe smoke stacks
Fresh paint job, fresh inside. Is it in 2 wheel or 4wd?
Are the tires big? Do it ride ruff?
Lean back in the seat like you real tough!

Clean on the inside, mud on the inside
I can't see my paint job!

Whooo, mud on the outside clean on the inside I can't see my pain job
Got a handle on the dash you can hang on with so you don't hit your face hard
Yea I'm livin like that, and I'm ridin like that
Boy I'm ridin like that truck stays jacked up even if I get fat
Just like my boy said, we ready
Don't matter if your in a ford or a chevy
2500 or an F-250, sippin on a cold brew of grandmamma's sweet tea
Crank my truck, CB humming
Tires so loud you can hear me comming
Redneck click, we get hunnies
Slingin up mud and we scaring off bunnies

I'm LIVE, like a superbowl kickoff
My truck got alot of folks pissed off
Wheel's shine like lip gloss, powerstroke got a wide body like Rick Ross
Took time till me truck got right
If I want it imma buy it I don't ask no price
Got nutz hangin, off my hitch
Old folks pointin, sayin I'm SICK!
Got strait pipes stickin up thru the bed
Snorkle thru the hood lookin like a snakehead
That right thur see, see I like
Got the super swamper tires for a dirt cheep price!
Press one button truck automatic start
Hit the gas too hard and the tires might bark like.
woof woof woof, too hard look what you done now, messed up the school yard!

I'm ridin down the road with my tires still wet
Slingin up mud got the cops upset
Truck sits high so I'm ridin upset
Five beers in the cooler got one on DECK!