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Artist: Jake Paul
Album:  Fuck Jake Paul (S)
Song:   Fuck Jake Paul
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I hate Jake Paul, he's the worst man
I can't even walk down the street without running into fifty kids screaming
Chubby, fat, stupid
I just wanna punch it with my foot

Go, go, go, go
Go, go, go, go
Get it, get it
Fuck Jake Paul
Let me tell y'all 'bout this fuck Jake Paul
Fake wife, fake life, no talent at all
Let me tell y'all 'bout all of his flaws
Don't get me started about his shitty vlogs
Runs Team 10 like a fake ass boss
It's everyday bro, where's the Disney Channel flow?
Lost your contract, no more Mickey Mouse dough
Put a shirt on, yeah dude you look fat
Act like you buff but it only a two pack
Big on Vine but you should have died with that
It's Everyday Bro, stop fucking saying that
'Cause It's Everynight Sis up in this shit
'Cause It's Everynight Sis, yeah you a bitch
How did God make you? There was probably a glitch
You a fucking liar, you a fucking snitch
All your songs are shit, yeah you need a new niche
Why you tryna' rap? you sound like a bitch
Like a kid from the 'burbs who's parents are rich
Speaking of your parents, did they drop you on your head?
Half the world would be happy if they'd found out you were dead
Trying to distract us with your baby pup
Yeah, Apollo's cute but you still a fuck up
Couldn't sign the Dolans now you need a re-up
One year later Martinez show up

Hold up, hold up, yo, let me stop you real quick
It's Jake Paul, why you're saying all this shit?
"Oh hey Jake, you're a fucking bitch"
Ok, yo, yeah I understand that shit
And I know everything you can say about my clique
And I'm not saying I don't disagree with it
But let me tell you my point of view of it
Man I know all of my flaws, man here it is
I am thirsty for the attention and views
I am a two pack looking tubby ass dude
And yeah that's right, I split from Disney
I'm Jake Paul and you ain't watching shit, B
And yes I was a dumb fifth grade stupid bully
Still regret that shit, man it ain't cooly
And yes I was betrayed, yeah Max, he screwed me
I cried like a bitch 'cause I called him family
His name was under pressure so he did me dirty
But it's all hear say that shit ain't worthy
Don't believe Jake he's not trustworthy
So fuck Jake Paul and what he says
If it weren't for Team 10 then he'd have no friends
But that's not all, let me tell y'all about snake fucking Paul
200,000 people unsubscribed
What happened to "Mr. Pass PewDiePie"?
And yes my brother did kiss my girl
I'm still standing here screaming "Fuck the Free World"
And yes, he passed me in subscribers
But the Logang Paulers are the riders
Jake Paulers you can't divide us
Paul family are multipliers
If we're doing math he's older by two
He's got more subs, I'd hope so dude
And my neighbours wanna move, shit I would too
O.J. out of jail put him next to me
That's a punishment worse than the penalty
But I do fuck up, and sometimes I wanna quit it all
Sometimes I wish I wasn't involved
Sometimes I wish I could hate Jake Paul
I really wanna see that motherfucker fall
From the bottom of my heart, man fuck Jake Paul