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Artist: Jadakiss f/ Styles P
Album:  Top 5 Dead or Alive
Song:   Synergy
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[Intro: Jadakiss] + (Styles P)
Uhh, ah yeah
Yeah, Ghost ('Kiss)

{"Just Blaze!"}

[Jadakiss] + (Styles P)
Uhh (we don't ride how you niggaz ride)
Politics to the side, no one sicker than I
First the devil will try to conquer (then he'll divide)
It's my job as a man (to forever provide)
What's the meanin of livin (since you barely survive?)
If you came from the dirt (now you touchin the sky)
You keep fuckin with me (you must be rushin to die)
So you better decide (cause it's better to ride)
I'm two slots after the third, +Dead or Alive+
(You could give me the racks) Yeah (instead of the shine)
Cause I've been doin what I'm doin ahead of my time
(If you ain't hearin what I'm doin you better rewind)
The only thing I'm scared of doin is federal time
(I sold crack out the building several dimes)
And I done counted up a million several times
(Gold-plated Desert Eagles, incredible nines)
Better flows, better fabrics, better designs
(Family and loyalty) then the cheddar's behind
(I put some money on ya head) or some bread on ya mind
(We a problem alone) but we better combined
(Do it for those not here) and forever confined
(And we ain't promised tomorrow) so let's treasure the times
(And we ain't givin it away) so let's measure the lines
(So keep killin these niggaz) the pleasure is mine
(We get better with time) so you better resign
(Yeah) Before death be the treasure you find
... Ha-hahhh!

[Chorus: Styles P] + (Jadakiss)
We don't care
Cuban link, Roley affair
Roof missin blowin smoke in the air
Freaky women and Benjamins, soldiers was here
You know it's lit cause you know we was there
And oh yeah, we don't care
Throw a gun in the sky, get your money and slide
But keep in mind (still Ryde or Die)

[Jadakiss] + (Styles P)
(What really make you the Top 5?) Do not lie, dead or alive
You cannot find bars better than mine
(Go 'head and ask the other 4)
The tip of the gun is hotter than the oven door
(Get baked cause I'm half-baked)
Boss of the mob (you just a protégé like Billy Bathgate)
Prototype car at the crib cause the cash straight
(Boss don dada) Wa-dadda-dang
(Listen to my 9-millimeter go bang)
Heroin and cocaine with Hov' (chilled with Dame)
I got a gold (chain) and then them hoes (came)
Yup (red bottoms) the head got him
(You don't wanna hear your homeboy's name and) the Feds got him
(Niggaz caught him slippin) Hit him, the lead got him
T-5 D.O.A.
(G-5 Benz truck) When I was 19 and said I could sell a ki' a day
(It ain't hard work if the white hard)
(Spot jump) And I'm jumpin in just like a lifeguard
(On the deep end)
What you know about 50 on a weekday (100 on the weekend?)
(Ya heard, man?)
(No we ain't Jeezy and Baby but we Snowman and Birdman)
Montega Jada, Perico Pinero
Any further questions, you speak to the barrel


[Outro: Jadakiss]
You know I'm the Top 5, what!