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Artist: Jadakiss f/ Wiz Khalifa
Album:  Top 5 Dead or Alive
Song:   So High
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I'm so high, you can barely see me
Do you know the feeling, of being so high?

Between love and hate, it's a fine line
So I stay parallel to the skyline
THC levels is through the roof
When you floatin in the clouds you can view the truth
Hush, feel the rush from the altitude
Look down on 'em, see what they about to do
So you already know what not to do
That Moroccan hashish is like rocket fuel
Yeah, sometimes it's better not to see the ground
Yeah, sometimes it's better not to be around
Always keep a couple dollars and a P around
I might experience turbulence when I see the town
The world's under me, I'm where the lightning and the thunder be
Cause down there ain't no fun to me
With that said, I ain't goin back
I'm 'bout to blow a sack, and I all know is that
What up?

I'm so high, I can't see the ground
My life shines so bright, can you see me now?
Ohh I'm so high, I'm not comin down
And I won't fade away, this how it's gonna stay
Ohh I'm so high

[Wiz Khalifa]
Rollin up, money can't fold it up, how you gon' say you cold as us?
Can't smoke enough (can't smoke enough, can't smoke enough)
Haha, diamonds in my chain, nah homie they 14 karats
Lil' nigga that ain't gold enough (ain't gold enough, ain't gold enough)
Uhh, stayin on top while these haters prayin I stop
And you niggaz waitin on cars while I pull 'em straight off the lot
You could catch me rollin up reefer (reefer) I stay on that pot
And I'm always reppin for my gang, I know I say that a lot (say that a lot)
Cause I could remember the days before I got paid
Me and my niggaz just tryin to make our way
We gettin on, fuck what y'all say (y'all say)
Made some millions and got niggaz with me tryna do the same thing (same thing)
So I made moves, bossed up in the game
Ball hard, don't get crossed up in the game
Seen a lot of dudes get lost up in the game
That's why every time you see me


[Wiz Khalifa over Chorus]
Hahahahahaha, uhh, fuckin right
I don't got my eyes closed cause I'm sleep nigga
I just don't feel like lookin at you bitch ass niggaz
Straight up, uhh

High as the Towers before they knocked 'em down
Teflon like Gotti before they locked him down
Word to the mollies niggaz is poppin now
But I'm just chillin passin the pot around
Light up