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Artist: Jadakiss f/ Sheek Louch, Young Buck
Album:  Top 5 Dead or Alive
Song:   Realest in the Game
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[Intro: Jadakiss]
{"Arkatech Beatz"}

[Chorus 2X: Jadakiss]
Realest, niggaz, in the game, left
Realest, niggaz, in the game, left
Realest, niggaz, in the game, left
As I, look around, we the, realest, in the game, left

[Young Buck]
Yo, dope boy really touched the work
I push pounds of purp, a nigga been illegal
My auntie runnin out of dog food
She put cocaine in a syringe needle
You ain't never been to the pen' either
You ain't never came 'round here to spend either
Niggaz ain't sparin no friends either
Nigga roll with you, then leave ya
I'm servin my neighbor, I'm gettin the paper
We all strapped, we like a small Al-Qaeda
I'm tellin my niggaz let's get rich
Fuck this shit, we can fall out later
Roll up, I got five new flavors
Twelve new gauges and nine new haters
Gotta watch these bands 'fore this little white man
try to come and find who paid us
What you know about the cartel boss lookin at you
sayin, "Damn you know what you made us?"
And you talk about fuckin with this rap shit
Nah nigga, you must be crazy
36 ounces, you must been waitin
I blew up though from what you gave me
I grew up though, you know who raised me
Where's your account? You must didn't save me

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[Sheek Louch]
Yo, uhh, fuck what they be yellin
Niggaz rap about guns and street life, them niggaz be tellin
They don't know about real
They ain't never been broke, mob nothin, they ain't ever been to jail
They don't know about beef goin back and forth
Late night on the block 'til the Mac go off
Nigga just came home and he back up north
E'rybody where you from know your block is soft
Hold up! Let me fill my cup
Let's toast to them boys, they ain't ever broke up (L.O.X.)
And we battled everybody and never choked up
All we do is get money and stay smoked up (light up some)
I done stuffed my hawk
I poke one of you niggaz with that industry talk
We the realest everywhere, not just New York
Been eatin worldwide, you see my fork
Uh, what you know about me?
Street nigga, half the shit I can't I-G (yeah!)
Hope the cops can't ID
Things my son can not see (whoa!)
Let the trey-pound go
Light up, let the whole pound blow (light up)
I'm lit, you should see my show
R-r-real nigga just to let y'all KNOW! (huh?)

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

More money, same nigga (yeah)
Better frame, same picture (uh-huh)
Feds is watchin, why they ain't get ya?
They ain't ya niggaz, they ain't with ya (nope)
You don't see 'em and they say they missed ya
All the bad luck and hate they wished ya (yeah)
You and your homie, different casket
Same pastor, same scripture
I'm in the hood where the drugs is (yeah)
Never that far away from where the plug is (naw)
Homemade corn liquor and the tub is
down bottom to where it hot where the bugs is
Object is to rise up above this
Why you think all the real niggaz love 'Kiss? (Why?)
Cause the 'gram got people so caught up with likes
muh'fuckers forgot what real love is
Mmm, check it
Right off the back of them big 18-wheelers
Uhh, as soon as I get it
It go to the dealers
Yeah, they-they-they been fuckin with us
I know that they feel us
Woo! Ain't too much to say
cause they know we the realest