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Artist: Jadakiss f/ Nas, Styles P
Album:  Top 5 Dead or Alive
Song:   Rain
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[Intro: Jadakiss]
(Top 5) Is it me or
When it rains you just (Top 5)
Your mind, thinks like different ways (hahhh!)
{"Scram Jones"}

Thunderstorm in the forecast
More time to meditate on your warpath
To the face with a whole blunt
All my chains and a watch on, that's a cold front
Yeah, they wishin I come around more
But when I do they don't notice the heavy downpour
Haters prayin on my death or my downfall
They got me lookin for my shadow like the groundhog
It gets frightenin, all you see is the lightning
Niggaz ungrateful, bitches is just triflin
Can't be real with yourself, you're not right then
Different from everybody else but not like them
Need the respect, gotta have the power
If I squeeze this Tec, that's a scattered shower
Guaranteed that it's gonna touch you
Hoes wanna fuck, niggaz wanna hustle
No offense but y'all better D up
Whenever it rains is the best time to re-up
Niggaz you wanna kill, family members is ill
Shit that you think about as each drop hits the sill
Your crib paid for, the kids get a couple mil'
Smoke a lil' weed, you might pop a couple pills
Sharp as a ginsu, everybody's against you
Things that you get yourself into is all mental
It's a lot of pain in my tears
Dark thoughts, turn into criminal ideas
Shit like, where do you see yourself in five years
I've always been a superior to my peers
Yeah, and my reign ain't stop yet
Even though, it was mostly the lames that got wet
I'm all about a profit, I pull it out and pop it
And no umbrella or raincoat can't stop it

[Chorus: Styles P] + (Jadakiss)
They say life's a bitch, nigga
(Real niggaz love bitches though)
Misery loves company
(Yeah? Well fuck it nigga, I'm miserable)
They say when it rains it pours (rain)
They say when it rains it pours (rain)
Pours (rain, rain)

I'm the president of this veteran sport
Make it feel chill, like you need your Pelle back on
I'm cosmic, I'm a full storm from the projects
Yeah it's in the air, you ain't gotta tell 'em who Nas is
Skies is red, winds is 7 miles per hour, light showers
Visibility clearly nobody real as me, cowards
Never speak to cops, only speak to attorneys
Had to leave the block, took the whole hood on my journey
Hear these niggaz talkin, who they talkin to?
I ascended from heaven, I can walk on the moon
Everybody's a killer, guess everybody's a goon
Not every don is a don 'til a don walk in the room
Right? State of emergency, autumn leaves
Mother Nature feel the urgency, the reign, I rain hot spring
Nueva York, they throw salt, Kama Sutra
In female's thoughts I'm stalked, so I pray like it's Jumah
It rains


Yo, when you on top of the world, the game is yours
And your dope is uncut, your 'caine is pure
And the problems start comin, it rains it pours
And your money is not long enough to change the laws
Cause you figured, everything would be done in one night
All you want is the shine, but the sun is on strike
The cash comes in then the love stops
Ice in the bezel, that's a flood watch
Heavy precipitation
There's nothin you can do that can better the situation
They say it ain't safe to drive in
It's on you, how you go about survivin
in the rain, nigga


[Outro: Jadakiss]
Rain, rain, rain (rain)