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Artist: Jadakiss
Album:  Top 5 Dead or Alive
Song:   Man in the Mirror
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[Intro: whispered]
Top 5, D.O.A.

[Chorus: Jadakiss]
I'm on a paper chase, they want me outta my zone
Spread the product, get the profit, I'm gone yeah
High as fuck drivin alone
Spread the product, get the profit, I'm gone yeah
Sometimes you can't feel the hate when it's nearest (uh-uh)
I-I can see it clearer than the man in the mirror (yeah)
Feelin down and I'm tellin myself cheer up (ha-hahhhh!)
I'm only scared of God and the man in the mirror

Uh, yeah, yo
Your destiny's in yo' hand, inner strength, of Conan
Too much time spent in the hood, will have you programmed
Or in your cell writin a kite, listenin to slow jams
The 2-3 ain't workin on me, they gotta go man
I got the ball movin, I rock a small Cuban
I'm too famous to deny some of my wrongdoings
It's never about what you've done, what you can do for them?
Family and friends I be done, rapidly losin them (yup)
Look at they name, think about it before deletin it
Before you sit down at the table watch who you eatin with (uh-huh)
Hopefully those ain't the people that you competin with
I'm too focused to quit my journey before completin it


It's a difference between what you doin and what you tryna do (uh-huh)
Price you pay for not bein humble is astronomical (sky high)
Especially when you in the jungle, what would the lions do?
If you could do the math on that, then do the science too (yeah)
Move around with the four-pound, or a nine or two (yep)
Hometown hate I receive, ain't worth respondin to (no)
I'm the one that made them believe, in a Yonkers dude
Even though they hated on me, I'm responsible (me)
First they gon' try to divide, then they conquer you
Try to make you swallow your pride, cause they sponsored you
Yeah, I only fear two beings (man upstairs)
One I could talk to, the other I could see him (myself)


684 (mmm) peddle to the floor (yeah)
Blunt to the face (uh-huh) ready for the war (I'm ready)
You already know, somethin heavy in the door (heavy)
Any kind of funny movement I'm lettin off (brrrt!)
Life is the one thing you can't get a pair of (nah)
While I'm here I make sure my surroundings I'm aware of (yeah)
Made enough money, the kids is taken care of (believe that)
I'm only scared of God and the man in the mirror
You know?