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Artist: Jadakiss
Album:  Top 5 Dead or Alive
Song:   First 48 (Intro)
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[Intro: Jadakiss]
Uhh, uhh... yeah
Right now I just wanna say thank you, thank you (haha)
For your downloads, ya streams, ya hard copies (haha)
Whatever means of purchase
Even if you bootlegged this joint, I appreciate you, haha
We four projects in, a whole lot more to go
Thanks for all the support, ridin out with ya nigga
Despite what you may think (uh-huh) or what you may have heard
I am (HA-HAHHHH!) Top 5 dead or alive
Yeah, yo

Everything is real, ain't nothin cozy
Fresher than a young nigga, mind of a O.G.
Inhale, exhale, yeah, cherish every breath
Shinin like I just came home, but I never left
Most of them is lovin me, some of them is hatin me
Say he's underrated dependin on who's ratin me
I be destroyin niggaz on tracks, blatantly
Basically I'm patiently, waitin for a vacancy
It ain't hard to tell, they all scared to challenge him
+Money, Power, Respect+, I learned how to balance them
Watermelon over the pump, the hood silencer
Couple hundred thousand a month is a good calendar
Yeah, they love to hear the don speak
That's because my dialog ain't in arm's reach
Uh-uh, nah, I ain't with the coward ish
First the skinny jeans, now they wearin blouses
Don't ever confuse wireless for powerless
A nice red wine, haze and a sour mix
I'm in the trap with the blicky
Cigarettes, pills and the sticky, if you need somethin hit me
When it's poppin I breeze quickly
To your door step if you coppin at least 50
Never mix my feelings with my dealings
I'm house shoppin for wood floors, high ceilings
200 or more on the dash if I'm wheelin
Really these niggaz just mad cause I'm chillin
Face on the Master is mother pearl
I maintain cause I dominated the underworld
If you sick to your stomach that mean you wanna hurl
The moon and the stars'll tell you that son is thorough
I'm gettin better every week
And I don't talk too much, the longevity will speak
They ain't sellin you nothin, you think it's better cause it's cheap
With the push of a button I'll get you wet up in the street
It's never been even, I'm one of the best breathin
Y'all red shirts, might be ready by next season
And the spread's too high, it's nothin, I just tease 'em
More celebratin this year, and less grievin
But I'm always down for a funeral
For nigga hatin while I'm tryin to do my numerals
Screw faces, side glances
Six-shooter, headshots, five chances
25 large on five dancers
As you can see I'm fascinated with the finances
Nah, he don't play
And he'll forever be Top 5 D.O.A.
Nigga, I am (HA-HAHHHH!)
Top 5 Dead or Alive!