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Artist: Jadakiss f/ Jeezy
Album:  Top 5 Dead or Alive
Song:   Critical
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[Intro: Jeezy]
Yeah, critical
Yeah, critical
Uhh, it's critical
Yeah hoe, critical
Yeah, streets is critical
Critical, critical
Look, let's go!

[Chorus: Jeezy]
Streets critical, I'ma do both like Mystikal
Bought me two bricks cost me 60 thou', paid for the +Coke+ nigga and a smile
Paid for the case nigga beat the trial, bought a Rolex nigga and a dial
Game bad bitch yeah and they foul, game young niggaz yeah and they wild
Whaaaaat? Them pearly whites, all my niggaz gettin head tonight
All my niggaz gettin bread tonight, sittin back make sure the bread is right
Two-door cost 250 thou', ain't no scales, it's digital
Cookin them chickens like Mr. Chow, yeah I know the street life critical

Ha-hahhh! Uh, yeah, uh, yeah, yo
I-I-I'm still rappin, I'm still trappin, know 'em all my life but I still clap 'em
Yeah I know I don't own a team, but so what bitch? I'm still a captain
Gun-gun's up, my money's stacked, my work guaranteed, money back
I sold dope and I slung crack, tw-twelve-twelve, them hundred sacks
I'm done with that, I had fun with that, y'all go 'head and y'all run with that
Only thing about the game of life is when you lose you can't run it back
Block-boomin, spot-boomin, start askin, stop assumin
Better than me there's not a human, take the plates off, cop a new one
Two-door cost me a quarter mil', make sure you knock off all the pills
Spent a lil' extra, caught the deal, .44 Bulldog off your grill
First they get your name, then they get your files
Then they sit you down, street life is criti-cal


On my 87, my blunt lit, got a 40-cal for the dumb shit
Call it stupid head, not Super Head, all in all she a dumb bitch
My mind gone, my mind blown, all the shit that my mind on
Streets are waitin for niggaz hatin, I'm still gettin my shine on
My cup full, my pocket full, my tank never on E bitch
All them 2's I be talkin 'bout, damn right they don't need bits
Summer time, four 9's, cuttin shit like a dealer hoe
E'ry day is my birthday, it's like e'ry month's September hoe
Got this Roley on, lookin homely holmes, back back, you don't know me holmes
Pyrex, digital scale and the glass stove I'll show you holmes
All about my money hoe, my money fast, your money slow
Sittin back my money grow, best believe me and my money know


[Outro: Jeezy]
Critical, critical {*echoes to the end*}