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Artist: Jadakiss f/ Ne-Yo, Nipsey Hussle
Album:  Top 5 Dead or Alive
Song:   Ain't Nothin New
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Seein if a seven-digit check cleared
All in the connect's ear, drivin cars that come out next year
Block lit, all I did was come out for some fresh air
Big chain, nice watch, fresh gear, heck yeah
Killers respect killers, soft niggaz respect fear
Crazy cause I love it but I hate it that I rep there
Sad part about is that I made it when I left there
Sorry to whoever anticipated my death there
You die, they hope, don't sleep, stay woke
The more money you get the more it's your fault that they broke
Catch a bullet in your culo
In the hood that's how they do though, cause ain't nothin new yo

[Chorus: Ne-Yo]
I said, it ain't nothin new, this ain't nothin new
To a nigga like me man, this what I do
And you got lied to
if they said the same what I do
This ain't nothin new, it ain't nothin new
Naw, but maybe to a nigga like you
Cause 'round here man
See, this an every day thang
No it ain't nothin new

[Nipsey Hussle]
Never turn down when it's on, I'm front line
Always respected what's real, I want mine
Anytime they shot up the hood was go time
Once you start covetin life, you so live
If you have some smut on yo' name, you can't grind
Over reputation and pride, we gon' die
When the police asked for the truth I told lies
And when I finally got in this booth my soul cry
Once you off the stoop it's through, you no child
Ain't make no excuse for your youth, or no size
See me, I graduated these streets in '05
I still live and die by these rules, you know why?


Naw, the bars are still lethal
You ain't at the top 'til the stars are underneath you
God shuffles the deck but the cards come from the people
Speakin from a place where the odds are under equal
(Y-O) Yeah, end of discussion
Ain't nothin new, I vocally destroy any production
Go get your crew, put my prints on the semi, I'm bustin
I'm grateful, I know the difference 'tween plenty and nothin
I'm on the block, on the crate, sippin Henny and puffin
And even though it's all love keep your enemies lustin
Lick a shot off then let two go
Let me off the leash, I'm like Cujo, this ain't nothin new yo


[Outro: Ne-Yo] + (Jadakiss)
(What) Uh ahhh
Ah, ah-ahhh, ahh
Nah, ahhhh (ha-hahhhh!)
Ain't nothin new, nah, yeah
I said it ain't nothin, ain't nothin
Ain't nothin nah nah
No it ain't nothin new