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Artist: Jadakiss
Album:  Predator is Back 12"
Song:   Predator is Back
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Nightmares, hearing a hundred voices
Out on bail--moved right, son is cautious
Thinkin bout the dealer, still owe me 100 horses
Give a fuck, as long as I leave my son a fortune
Uh huh, ahead of the pack--the predator's back
And I just got off PC again, better relax
Chea, the chron I puff might cause a harsh statement
to come out of my mouth like DON IMUS
Aint shit funny cuz for real 
cuz I can have ya head in da same duffle bag that the money was
From the hood life to the good life
Still can get the whole thing for a good price
What you doing tho gon get you killed or a bid
Pop in ya favorite movie, you can picture how I live
Soon as you die, know they got a scripture for you kid
But it aint gon say nuttin bout the bitchin that you did
My type of fun will annoy them
Death by electricution or either poison
Life is a movie, its just how you play ya part
Alot of niggaz got a mouth, but I got a heart
Focus on the channellin, 1 way or another I'ma handle it
Even if I gotta get ya 'nana hit
And as much as I love women and kids
The art of war is what it is--SERIOUS BIZ