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Artist: Jadakiss f/ Styles P
Album:  Block Work (S)
Song:   Block Work
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[Intro: Jadakiss] (Styles P)
Yeah, ride out, If I ainít got no money, Iím losiní weight
Ride out (Huh) EH HEH!!!!!! Ride out (D-Block)

[Verse One: Jadakiss and Styles P]
Gather 'round, y'all (It's goin' down, y'all)
Block work, twenty eight for the pound y'all
(If he the king I put a round in this crown y'all)
He just talkin' but he pussy in the town y'all
(I air 'em out, then put 'em in the ground y'all)
Hit 'em in the church if he prayin' on my downfall
(It's either this or you wicked with a round ball)
It's a burial whenever we sound off
Hands to the no hander right after the (round off)
Peanut butter guts, chocolate brown Porsche
(Word to Spanish Josť we was movin' the most yay)
(Had my boys runnin' and gunnin', soundiní like 'Coach K)
Listen, duke you could shoot but you know that it's both ways
My gun +Splash Brothers+ I call 'em +Curry+ and +Klay+
(In a hurry to get buried ever fuckin' with J)
(Or Dave come on nigga I see you ridin' the wave)
(Brave like the crackers that helped hire the slaves)
Keep talkin', I kill you, then slide in with your bae
(You got a homie up top, I have him die in a cage)
And you trigger happy, you can't wait to fire the gage
(Go out on your shield, though you die in a blaze)
(Gunfire) One liar (Gon' put the truth in a maze)
(I got the truck off the sale) Got a coupe from the haze
In the telly down south I got me a few dames
(We ain't fuckin', but we stuffin' they pussy with cocaine)
Whipped out (Fuck around and hop on the 2 train)
Robbed the first and last car to show you some true pain
(Wolf on the phone when I show you a few fangs)
It's a different kind of hot, my nigga, it's blue flames
Dudes is startin' to get out of pocket, loose change
Hard part tryin' to stay still, move things
Right before you about to murder someone (Your mood change)
We came up like ninety bricks
We had the city under siege since '96
But one line, you still won't find these kicks
Like Frank White when he did the Chinese hit
That's it, it's us, then everybody else (After)
Our part of the good books a rough (Chapter)
Everything dead serious enough (Laughter)
(Find all these raw papers) And Dutch Masters
(Yeah!) You read more, you see more
They tearin' shit up on the streets in B'more
Some people don't know what it's like to be poor
The hood is a one way (Ain't no detour)
(You know the love course) The hate come free y'all
(Those who protect and serve) Will knock your seed off
(The energy is negative) It's not to feed off
(Shit'll cool down when we) Knock the heat off

[Outro: Jadakiss]
Get it? R.I.P. Freddie Gray
Rest in peace homie that they shot in the back in South Carolina
Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Glennis, rest in peace, baby girl
And all y'all rappers one!