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Artist: Jadakiss f/ Fred the Godson
Album:  I Love You (A Dedication to My Fans) The Mixtape
Song:   Toast to That
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Jadakiss, Fred the Godson
Nigga, new wave
So let's toast to that! (Gangsta celebration)
So let's toast to that! (A gangsta celebration)
Let's toast to that!

[Fred the Godson]
Toast to the street life, this is how we eat right?
Strip harsh, Chris Bosch, gotta keep the Heat tight
Toast to the connect, cheers to the cheap price
Toast to those too foul avoidin the three strikes
New Range, the cash we took
I threw shoes on the sport it got atheletes foot
The God flash the gems, I nicknamed your girl Kim
Cause every time the car dash, she in
Yeah I used to scrape the plate, Brillo
Had the head swingin back and forth, +Willow+
Cops tried to ban me from the court, below
Reilly still with his girl but he knows
She aint a dime, I can see that cellulite shit
Those are just dimes, I can see they sell you like shit
Fred the God, Jadakiss, what's close to that?
Now let's toast to that, cheers y'all~!

[Chorus: Fred the Godson] + (Jadakiss)
{So let's toast to that!}
Uhh, just bring the bottles to me
If you got it from the streets you probably got it from me
{So let's toast to that!}
(The streets took some of my closest friends)
(This ain't for y'all, this a toast to them)
{So let's toast to that!} {A gangsta celebration}
{So let's toast to that!} {A gangsta celebration}
{Let's toast to that!}

Uh-huh... uh-oh
Still squeezin the juice out of the headphones
Ha HAH~! Uhh, yeah, yo

Put your bottles in the air and make noise with 'em
Send your girls to the rear and let my boys hit 'em
50 large, all 100's, Chip Ahoys with 'em (cash)
Full length minks on, all the toys with 'em
For those not here, for those still employed with 'em
We celebratin the times we enjoyed with 'em
In a way a part of me was destroyed with 'em
Try talkin to the Lord, I get annoyed with 'em
Fiends take a hit and feel like Floyd hit 'em (Mayweather)
It was never beef, everything was soy with him
Ex-rhythm hunter, used to enjoy rhythm
As the years went by, he learned more wisdom (uh)
Always kept cigars and burned moralism
We all die, the object is to avoid prison
Yeah, if you ain't payin respect then you supposed to
Cause that's really somethin to toast to


Uh-huh, HA HAH~!
Uhh, yeah, yo
Watch who you around if you in between the streets
And may all your ups and downs be in between the sheets (cheers)
There's only two choices, the powder or the hard son
Jada the forefather, and Fred the Godson

[Fred the Godson]
Jadakiss tap five, Fred is the future
And it's about to get ugly, Medusa
Life's still a bitch, when I spit I seduce her
Toast from the boss to the shooters

[Chorus] - Jadakiss and Fred switch lines

[Chorus] - back to normal