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Artist: J Rock
Album:  Streetwize
Song:   Brutality
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"Don't kick this boy in the head Murral
 You know you can't hurt them niggas when you kick them in the head"

Driving at night down the ave in an expensive ride
I see lights as I glance to the side
Then I pull the Benz over right there
and what comes next is every black man's nightmare
A white cop who comes? to harass
just because you're black and got a lot of cash
This hate is motivated by jealousy
if you resist arrest, they'll turn into a felony
They treat niggas today like shit
and think you're living foul when you're living legit
To people with dark skin, the scene is reality

"Yo, man you can't do that man! Please, I don't want to die!
 Please, please god, please god. I just want...
 You look like hell!"

Another case of police brutality