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Artist: J-Live f/ Boog Brown
Album:  Undivided Attention EP
Song:   The Way That I Rhyme
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[Intro: J-Live]
Yeah, yeah, back at it... no doubt, hah
It's been a minute... I know
Change is real and time don't stand still
Told y'all I'll be back, yaknowmsayin?
Yo, I'm bein rude, yo lemme get off this phone
I'll holla at you in a minute

Yeah, anyway like I was sayin 
I walk up in the show and my song start playin 
I'm like, "Dude, what if we was gon' do that tonight?" 
DJ lookin like "Yeah my bad, true dat
 But on the real since the moment I arrived 
 Every five someone askin 'Can you play some J-Live?'" 
I told him, "Next time, skip all of that stress 
 Tell 'em real DJs don't take requests" 
Yeah, see we the Ghostbusters 
Men in Black, just look into the light, you can trust us 
Forget whatever song you were thinking 
We select, you keep dancin and drinkin 
Speakin of which not even that late it's 
already jumpin like Zion in the Matrix 
Not a sword fight, neither more like, hmm 
What's the opposite, a sheath fest? Man that's a deep guess 
But you know to expect nothing less 
My rhymes ain't checkers kid, more like chess 
That's why the queens stay fresh up on the scene 
They checkin for the king, nahmeen?

[Chorus: DJ J-Live cuts and scratches lines by Rob Base]
"Ladies love me, girls adore me"
"Ladies love me, girls adore me"
"Like, the way that I rhyme at a show"
"Like, the way that I rhyme at a show"

[J-Live] (Boog Brown)
{"The reason why..."} 
Cause she want that real live bonafied 
Certified actual factual genuine 
article, straight from heart I embody 
Hip-hop down to my last follicle's particle 
{"The reason why..."}
Cause she ain't just purty, she smart 
Sharp enough to break down darts 
Later for that dumb-down radio rap on the charts 
Sistren respect the arts 
{"The reason why..."}
Cause your nigga/bitch rap is bad juju 
J-Live loves black wo-man like Buju 
A brother asked, "Who's that on stage yo, is he new?" 
A shorty in the front turned around like, ("Who you??")

[J-Live + Boog Brown] 
Hah, "And where the hell have you been? 
 Ask your girl, ask her three best friends"

[Boog Brown]
Four albums deep, sick with the pen 
Nice on the beats, plus he could spin 

[J-Live] (Boog Brown)
She said, "She couldn't wait for the next one to drop" 
He said, "I love a female that knows her hip-hop" 
She gave him that look like, "Ga'head, be quiet" 
(That brand of game is so goddamn tired) 
He tried to play it off like, "F'real though, it's true" 
She said, ("Apparently, I'm up on more than you") 
Hah, ackin like it's a new phenomenon 
Man, listen to the hook to the song