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Artist: J-Live f/ Oddy Gato
Album:  Undivided Attention EP
Song:   Calculations
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[Oddy Gato]
Who am I to piss on someone else's dream?
They already lackin in the self-esteem
Lower your voice, you tryin to make a scene?
Fork stab under the table'll make you scream
No shit we got robbed on Wall Street
A million people laid off like it's all sweet
White folks talkin 'bout Canada
Canadians say, "Nah, South Africa"
...Guess we'll see you in Dubai
Can't afford the car that you bought last July
The days go by like dust
Put your faith in a name you could trust...
It's the mastertone scientist
That's the only why come y'all still buyin this
For those that toot your own horn
Beware of the glamourous glare that's on porn
Cause man needs woman to live
And woman needs protection for the children and kids
..But if we keep living single
Only companion be a radio jingle
Who invented Kris Kringle?
Government ain't shit, all they do is swindle
Cherokee died in the cold
It's the genocide racist pie  la mode 
Listen to the unheard atrocities
Still perpetuated by the corporate monopolies
Even since the power of Grayskull
and filfully compelled to lead the faithful
Wall Street gettin welfare
Poor people gettin no healthcare...
Maybe we should all move elsewhere
Fuck that! Revolution time, hell yeah!

[Chorus: Oddy Gato]
If my calculations are correct
Self-determination only comes from self-respect
Arise sleeping giant in the housing projects
We are not some athletes bred for having sex
We are the original creator of the MATH
Recorder of the movement of heaven since way back
We are the original creator of the math
Recorder of the movement of heaven since way back

Yeah, so who are they to tell you that you ain't god?
Judgin by your ways and actions though it ain't hard
You need new brake pads, a tire rotation, and an oil change 
All you focused on though is the paint job
They say perception is reality
Are you the master or the slave of your salary?
Count your blessings if you need to count your calories
FUCK them vampires that inspire you with fallacies
Too much power and not enough refinement
The bed is made now to steal, cheat, and lie in it
And don't give me that "product of the environment"
Like solar panels in the states, we ain't buyin it
And don't blame it on the sign of the times
Roy Ayers said, "It ain't your sign, it's your mind"
The turbines turn the tables, I suggest
Seen 'em last decade, +Trans-Europe Express+
We cryin over spilled oil, tryin to redeem
Actin like a fiend and call it livin the dream
Globally we wonder why it's less respect given
Insanity to do the same and expect different
2001, uh.. ten years later
Google the World Trade and you'll still see a crater
We crusadin on a guilt-laden mission
The one-eye king with a blind man's vision
Favorite decisions all revolve around division
Until we get the message, it's pigeons killin pigeons
Business and justice don't mix, they build prisons
and destroy school programs filled with wisdom

[Chorus: J-Live]
So if my calculations are correct
The things that you neglect'll hit you when you least expect
Wake up sleepy giant, take some time to reflect
Stop frontin, watch your back and protect your neck
We the great debaters and we use supreme MATH
Determinin the movement of heaven since way back
We the great debaters and we use supreme math
Determinin the movement of heaven since way back